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Thursday, December 31, 2015

My 25 Favorite Nail Polishes of 2015

Hey friends! What a long crazy ride 2015 has been eh? I blogged more this year than I have the past three, which was a big accomplishment for me. I'm really happy and proud of myself to still be going for more than six and a half years!

These are 25 of my favorite shades from this year, indies and mainstream brands. They're not in any particular order, that would be impossible for me haha. It was hard enough to narrow it down to these in the first place!

And of course, I loved many more shades than these this year, but they just stood out a little bit ahead for one reason or another. The blog post where I reviewed each polish is linked with the shade name if you're interested. See all my picks, after the jump!

Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking - This shade blew me away. I've never seen a more vivid holo, super pigmented and show-stopping! My first Cupcake Polish, but surely not my last!
Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking

HARE polish Sea Bunny - This is one of my all time favorite indies, she always makes such innovative shades. This one is particular is just so sweet and cute, I can't resist it!
HARE polish Sea Bunny

Zoya Brittany - I fell head over heels for this entire collection, the Satins. They applied almost magically for me, and I really adored the soft shades. This one stood out as my favorite, a pinky nude darling.
Zoya Brittany

Glam Polish Frankenslime 2015 - My second version of this shade, and maybe my favorite Halloween shade this year. I'm drooling thinking about the next time I'm going to wear this! It was hard to pick from my Glam's, they might be my favorite brand of the entire year!
Glam Polish Frankenslime 2015

Different Dimension Buttersweet Symphony- This was my first year really getting into Different Dimension, and I'm so glad I have. This is a crazy unique holo shade, maybe not for everyone, but it's right up my alley.
Different Dimension Butternut Symphony

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Nuke The Fridge - Another epic brand that never steers me wrong, Pretty Serious put out some amazing shades this year. I put this at the front because it's perfectly my style and has an amazing formula.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Nuke The Fridge

GlitterDaze Mom Jeans - I don't think a lot of people think about buying crème polishes from indie brands, but they should because there are some amazing ones out there! This shade of blue really had my heart, almost a periwinkle but not quite, dusty yet bright, just awesome.
GlitterDaze Mom Jeans

KBShimmer Open Toad Shoes - KBShimmer is seriously the OG indie in my heart, I can't get enough of their creative colors. This is right up there, super unique and a little bit "ugly-pretty", just so good.
KBShimmer Open Toad Shoes

Glam Polish Hibiscus - This was one of the first few Glam shades I ever purchased. This shade of coral is my absolute favorite and the addition of holo and flakies was irresistible to me!
Glam Polish Hibiscus

Different Dimension Kiss Me At Midnight - This glitter bomb knocked my socks off. I seriously didn't know I was going to fall so hard for it, but the fab formula and opacity of the stunning holo "salt n' pepper" type glitter made me a believer! This is my New Year's polish!
Different Dimension Kiss Me At Midnight

OPI A Great Opera-tunity - I wasn't super completely blown away by OPI this year, but they did put out a ton of lovely shades. This is probably my favorite from the Fall Venice collection, a "lush melon". Looks awesome with a tan!
OPI A Great Opera-tunity

Fair Maiden Polish Starry Night - This was in the first collection of Fair Maiden Polish I've tried, and I was really impressed. This is a shade you really can't get the full amazing-ness from unless you see it in person. It's seriously breathtaking!
Fair Maiden Polish Starry Night

Delush Polish Babe Watch - They put out a super fun summer collection this year, with this being my favorite from the bunch I picked out. Love the color combo and it's just so awesomely bright!
Delush Polish Babe Watch

China Glaze Change Your Altitude - You might not get this pick, but I adore grey and neutral shades, so this perfect formula pale putty shade made me swoon! The whole Fall collection was great though!
China Glaze Change Your Altitude

KBShimmer Carpe Denim - Here is another stunning KBShimmer, a type of finish they do that I absolutely love. They also put out a green version in their Winter collection! This is total night sky in a bottle.

Different Dimension Moonbeam - A full coverage holo microglitter in rose gold with a coral tone?? Be still my heart! Different Dimension really gave me life this year. The Dream Team trio really is a masterpiece!
Different Dimension Moonbeam

Potion Polish Poltergeist Heist - I was introduced to this brand in early fall, but they've became a stand out already for me. I've worn this shade more than twice since I got it, and that is seriously saying something when you have the amount of polish that I do!
Potion Polish Poltergeist Heist

Native War Paints Cable Knit Sweater - Another new-to-me brand I took the plunge on trying this year, this whole Sweater collection made my heart pump, but this golden shimmery grey just speaks to my soul!
Native War Paints Cable Knit Sweater

Color Club Barely There - This is an impeccable nude crelly, my favorite from their Shift Into Neutral collection. That was a great collection in general, I enjoyed Color Club a lot in the first half of the year!
Color Club Barely There

Cirque Colors McKittrick - This brand puts out excellent crème shades that shine like crazy. This dark green is not only beautiful, but a cool twist on the dark nail. I'd wear this over a black any day!
Cirque Colors McKittrick

SuperChic Lacquer Wake Me Up - This is from their one-coat holographics collection that knocked everyone over the moon. I picked this one from the shades (they were all incredible) because I don't have another holo in this particular tone and I love it!
SuperChic Lacquer Wake Me Up

Rescue Beauty Lounge Morning Light - I had to nod to RBL because this iconic brand decided to retire this year. They will always have a special place in my heart! This shade dreamed up by my friend Yukie is not only beautiful with a great formula, but it has a wonderful story behind it.
Rescue Beauty Lounge Morning Light

Nine Zero Lacquer Cranberry Sauced - I don't just love Nine Zero Lacquer because it's made by one of my friends, YouTuber jessface90, but because she's put out some truly amazing polishes in her first half year of business! This is at the top for me because it's insanely gorgeous. Just, wow!
Nine Zero Lacquer Cranberry Sauced

Essie Chillato - This is a shade I passed over more than once, but it kept calling to me so I couldn't help but to pick it up. Not the most amazing formula, but a unique shade in my collection. Really happy with this color!
Essie Chillato

Orly Risky Behavior - I didn't try a tone of Orly in 2015, but this small mini collection was lovely. This uber bright magenta was a hit in the summer!
Orly Risky Behavior

Thank you so much for coming by my blog, even if it was just once this year. It means so much to me to be able to share my love of color and lacquer with you all! Cheers to 2016!

❤ Kellie
Some of the products mentioned were provided for an honest review, some were purchased by me.
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