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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

KBShimmer Birthstone Collection Swatches & Review

Hey there! Today I have another indie collection to show you that will launch on January 1st, this one is from KBShimmer. They have created a Birthstone collection inspired by each month's traditional, modern, or alternative birthstone, in a new finish for them - a metallic style filled with micro-small metallic flakes and holographic sparkle.

All these shades have pretty much the exact same formula, easy to apply with full opacity on two coats. Most of them have a tinted base color, but one is in a clear base. I didn't really have to scrub to get these off, they are easier to remove than a traditional glitter, but there can be sparkly bits left behind on your skin if you're not careful. These are pictured without top coat, but you only need one layer of top coat to get a completely smooth finish.

Garnet is a deepened brownish red for January. This is a cool interpretation of the garnet stone, more brown than I would have expected, but it works beautifully.
KBShimmer Garnet

Amethyst is a rich red toned purple for February. Super gorgeous!
KBShimmer Amethyst

Aquamarine is a pale blue for March. This is very lightly tinted, but definitely a blue, as you'll see compared to the silver of the next shade.
KBShimmer Aquamarine

Diamond is a bright silver in a clear base for April. BLINGTASTIC!
KBShimmer Diamond

Emerald is a rich grass green for May. Greens are a weakness of mine, and this is fabulous!
KBShimmer Emerald

Black Pearl is a dusty black toned shade for June. Love the twist on the pearl, having a dark version. Slight greenish tone which makes it even more complex.
KBShimmer Black Pearl

Ruby is a bright cherry red for July. Not my favorite shade of red, but very flattering.
KBShimmer Ruby

Peridot is a pale lime green for August. This was a surprising favorite of mine, nice and unique.
KBShimmer Peridot

Sapphire is a rich navy leaning blue for September. Reminds me of a night sky full of stars! Incredible!
KBShimmer Sapphire

Pink Tourmaline is a vibrant pink for October. This would be lovely in any month, so girly!
KBShimmer Pink Tourmaline

Citrine is golden yellow for November. I liked this naturally because I love gold, it feels so luxe!
KBShimmer Citrine

Blue Topaz is an icy blue for December. Beyond sparkly!
KBShimmer Blue Topaz

These will be available on Jan. 1st on the KBShimmer website. They will retail for $8.75 per bottle. As a special treat, they are holding a special Birthstone Promo: "12 lucky buyers will win a birthstone jewelry piece purchased from JewelryTV. For each month’s polish purchased between 01/01/2016 and 01/08/2016 grants you a chance to win a corresponding birthstone jewelry item as pictured in the listing. Contest open to purchases made on only." More details on their site.

What do you think of this collection? I am head over heels! Very cool interpretation of the birthstones. I love that there is the same finish in every color, letting you pick your favorite shade or birth month. These are also perfect for gift giving! My favorite has to be Blue Topaz, but Sapphire, Diamond and Peridot are also tops!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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