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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

SuperChic Lacquer Winter/Holiday 2015 Collections Swatches & Review

Hi folks! I have another indie collection to show you today, in fact, I have two! SuperChic Lacquer has come out with two fun collections for the Winter/Holiday season. The first is their Once Upon a Diamond collection of seven sparkly texture glitters with genuine diamond crystals. The second is a trio of glitters called the Ugly Sweater Party.

Before we look at the polish, I would like to apologize for the weirdness of my hand pose in these swatches. The new SuperChic Lacquer bottle shape threw me off my game. (This isn't even how I imagined them being cropped. *le sigh*) I believe their old bottles were discontinued; the new bottles are round globes with tapered white caps with grooves. They are super retro and pretty cute, but I obviously didn't figure out how to hold them for photos yet haha. Here's hoping for a better job next time :P

Captured Teardrop has a sky blue jelly base with a mix of shiny and holographic glitters. All the Once Upon a Diamond textures had the same formula (except one), they're easy to apply with a ton of glitter payoff and are opaque in two coats. Since they are textured, I did not apply a top coat. If you wanted them glossy, you'd need a layer or two of thick top coat.
SuperChic Lacquer Captured Teardrop

Chronicles of the Dreamcatcher has a nudey gold base packed full of silver and gold glitters. There are a variety of metallic and holographic pieces, even some triangles and shards. Two coats here. This has a lighter base, so you may want to do three coats, or even layer it over a solid color, but I liked the way it looked with two.
SuperChic Lacquer Chronicles of the Dreamcatcher

Crown Jewels of Enchantment has a clear base with metallic and holographic silver glitters, along with the diamond crystals. This one is meant to be a topper, it can be layered over any color. I put one coat on top of a deep burgundy purple, FingerPaints Film Noir.
SuperChic Lacquer Crown Jewels of Enchantment

Embellishing Regina has an opaque black jelly base packed with silver and red glitters in various shapes and sizes. I spy lots of squares in this! Two coats for her as well.
SuperChic Lacquer Embellishing Regina

Notions of Ariel has a mermaid-y teal jelly base with silver glitters and blue/purple microshimmer bits. Squares, triangles in this one as well! Two coats.
SuperChic Lacquer Notions of Ariel

Swan of Adorned Darkness has an opaque black jelly base with silver and gold glitters. This has a gorgeous mix of the two metals, looking more gold or silver depending on the lighting. Two coats.
SuperChic Lacquer Swan of Adorned Darkness

Wish Upon A Wisp has a dark blue that leans slightly purple jelly base with silver glitters and a bit of violet iridescence. This was also two coats.
SuperChic Lacquer Wish Upon A Wisp

That's all for the Once Upon a Diamond collection, so next we have the Ugly Sweater Party!

All Flocked Up has got a sheer milky white base packed with matte white, grey, metallic silver and holographic glitters in various shapes and sizes and some shimmer flakes. I layered one coat over a white crème, Pretty Serious Presence. You can build this up by itself, but I found it was a little thick by itself, so I preferred using it as a topper.
SuperChic Lacquer All Flocked Up

Bright Shiny Sweater Balls is a mix of matte white, grey, red, pink, pale yellow, orange, metallic and holographic silver glitters in squares and hexes in a various sizes in a clear base. I wore one coat over a dark green crème, OPI Christmas Gone Plaid.  Excellent glitter payoff. I had to do some manipulation to place the glitter where I wanted, but nothing out of the ordinary.
SuperChic Lacquer Bright Shiny Sweater Balls

"Mr. Hankey" Every Party Needs A Pooper has a sheer brown jelly base packed with matte white, black, red, dark green, light green glitters in various shapes and sizes and metallic copper microglitter. I heard this was meant to be a stand alone polish, but it seemed too sheer to be opaque on its own, so I layered two coats over a dark brown crème, OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys. I didn't think I'd like this that much, but it is actually really pretty! And the name is hilarious.
SuperChic Lacquer "Mr. Hankey" Every Party Needs A Pooper

I wanted to mention that I noticed all of these seemed to separate very easily so I need to shake them up pretty well before I applied them. You can see a really great live swatch and review video on YouTube by my friend Jess of all these shades to see them in action if you are interested.

All of these polishes will be released on Wednesday, Dec. 2nd at 4pm PST on the SuperChic Lacquer website and their Etsy store. The Diamond polishes are priced at $12 and I think the Ugly Sweater trio should be $10 each. Tell me what you think about these shades! Are you thinking of picking any of them up?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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