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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Glam Polish Purple Predicament Trio Swatches & Review

Hey there! I'm back today with a trio from Glam Polish called the Purple Predicament Trio, with names inspired by the polish addict life! This actually came out on January 1st, the same time as the Alphabet City collection. I find it hard to resist any Glams, but this trio definitely had to come home with me so I purchased it as soon as it went on sale.

Daily Dilemma is a violet linear holographic with added dark pink microglitter and a slight lighter purple shimmer. The name harkens to the constant battle we polish enthusiasts have deciding on what shade to wear every day. This had an excellent formula, basically opaque in one coat, but I used two like I always do. One layer of top coat will smooth the slight glitter texture it has.
Glam Polish Daily Dilemma

Secret Stash has an amethyst lavender creamy jelly base and holographic sparks and soft flakes. This name makes me think of all the special lacquers we polishaholics have tucked away, our own treasure trove of color! This shade is what pushed me over the edge to buy this trio, I don't think I've seen holo like this before. It applied a little chunk-ily, not difficult, but not as smooth of an application as most Glams. Opaque in two coats, dries a tad dull so I recommend a top coat.
Glam Polish Secret Stash

Hidden Gem is a holographic full coverage microglitter that is overall a lovely soft holo silver with a few shades of purple glitter and holo sparks. Amazing formula, no fuss at all, opaque in two coats. This is surprisingly my favorite of the three. I love glitters, but usually prefer the other finishes more in these mixed trios. I think this one stood out to me because it seems extra delicate, not as chunky or loud.
Glam Polish Hidden Gem

This trio is still available for purchase on the Glam Polish website for $33, or you can purchase them individually for $11 each. I'm glad I picked them up, I almost only got Secret Stash, but I'm so happy to have bought them all. What do you think of these three purple pretties?

❤ Kellie
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