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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Native War Paints Holiday Sweaters Collection Swatches & Review

So I know the holidays are over, but I have some great holiday nail polishes to show you today! This collection is called the Holiday Sweaters from Native War Paints. You remember their Cozy Sweater collection I showed you a while ago? Well this is its sister collection, awesome gold shimmer mixed in festive shades of the season! Despite being called "holiday" these will work for any time of year, don't worry :)

Holiday Sweater is a rich apple red filled with a strong gold shimmer. The formula on this was excellent, almost opaque in one coat but a second deepened the color a bit. Most of these are thinner than previous NWPs I've tried, and dried a little shinier than their shades usually do, but you'll still probably want a top coat for maximum shine.
Native War Paints Holiday Sweater

Argyle Sweater is a bright blue with gold shimmer. This seemed a bit thicker than the others, but needs at least two coats for opacity. This one dries pretty matte and unfortunately stained my nail beds, even though I only had it on less than 20 minutes (with a base coat). I recommend doubling up on a stain blocking base coat with this guy. Slight brush strokes.
Native War Paints Argyle Sweater

Cardigan Sweater is a warm purple with added gold shimmer. Great formula, same as the red shade, great coverage in two coats. I'm obsessed with purple and gold in combination so I love this!
Native War Paints Cardigan Sweater

Oversized Sweater is a soft white with gold shimmer. This was a little streaky, as pale shades usually are, but not terribly so. I didn't have any trouble covering streaks and getting full opacity with three coats. Not really thick or thin, and pretty decent to paint with. Much better than I expected for a white.
Native War Paints Oversized Sweater

Hand Knitted Sweater is a cheerful evergreen with bright gold shimmer. This has a similar formula to Holiday Sweater, almost opaque in one coat but two coats deepens the shade to match the color you see in the bottle. This one my be my favorite in this collection!
Native War Paints Hand Knitted Sweater

Ugly Sweater Party is a vibrant pink with gold shimmer. This gal had a nice, normal formula. This is two coats. Dries more matte than the others, probably due to the neon-ish color. I was satisfied with the opacity at two coats, but like some shades in the neon-like range, I can still make out the shadow of my nail line. If that bothers you, I would use a third coat.
Native War Paints Ugly Sweater Party

The last collection I tried from NWP I noticed I needed to shake the bottles a lot to mix the pigments, but I didn't seem to need to with these ones, except with the blue. The shimmer is a little more subtle than the last collection but is still very present. These are available now on the Native War Paints website for $8.50 each or $45 for all six shades. Let me know what you think about these!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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