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Monday, January 4, 2016

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Goth Pet Names Collection Swatches & Review

Hey cookies! Today I have the second installment of the Pretty Serious Cosmetics "Well Meaning But Ultimately Quite Awkward Pet Names" collection! These four crèmes are the "goth" pet name shades that came out for the Halloween season, but they work for any time of year of course. If you missed the first part of this collection which came out a few months ago, check them out here. Let's take a peek at the new colors!

Gloomy Kitty is a wine berry crème. This formula is really excellent, almost a one coater. I used two here for complete coverage. I adore this shade, not quite an oxblood but more of a warm purple.
Pretty Serious Gloomy Kitty

Baron Von Bootiful is a slate grey teal crème. Another amazing formula, this was totally perfect in just one coat! A unique shade too, glad to have it!
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Baron Von Bootiful

Pumpkin Head is a bright squash colored orange crème. Even though this is almost a neon, and a notoriously streaky type of shade, it applied beautifully! Perhaps a tad thick but not in a bad way, it made it easier to put on. Although to totally cover my nail line, I used three coats. I've heard most others are getting it opaque in two though. Dries matte so use a top coat for shine.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Pumpkin Head

Darkling Squishy is a deep green crème. Perfection, same type of formula as Gloomy Kitty, almost opaque in one but completely there on two. Stunning staple shade, you need it! The name of this one always reminds me of Darkwing Duck when I say it out loud haha.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Darkling Squishy

These are available now on the Pretty Serious website for $9.95 AUD (conversion chart on the website for other currencies). They are based in Australia, but they have a shipping warehouse in the US so shipping is cheaper for us in the States. Also, they always have free shipping for orders in Australia, USA, & Canada over $50 AUD (translating into around $37 USD!) and free shipping worldwide for orders over $100.  Let me know what you think about these colors! I will be back with another Pretty Serious post soon, the three new Naileontology shades! Have a great day!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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