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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Holiday 2015 Ghosts of Christmas Future Collection Swatches & Review

Hey kids! I've got the Holiday 2015 collection from Australian indie brand Pretty Serious Cosmetics to show you today! It's called Ghost of Christmas Future. So...happy late Christmas?? For serious though, even though this is last year's holiday collection, the colors are still relevant no matter what the season. There are eight shades in this collection, all in a metallic and/or foil finish! I didn't use a top coat for any of these swatches, they sparkled and shone smoothly enough without one.

Pretty Serious Santa's Sunburn is a red metallic finely milled foil. You can see glimmer bits of silver pop out here and there, so cute! It has an incredible formula, this is only one coat! One looked so good I couldn't bear to put another on, which is very rare for me. This polish color originally came out in 2012 but was retired, then was brought back as inspiration for this collection with all the other colors coming to life in similar finishes!
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Santa's Sunburn

Pretty Serious Joy to the Overlords is a purple metallic with silver shimmer. This was on the thin side, it appeared to be a little sheer on the first coat, but was totally opaque in two. Purples aren't always my favorite, but this one is warm enough and with just enough glisteny bits to hold my interest.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Joy to the Overlords

Pretty Serious Eat, Drink and Assimilate is a burnt orange coppery foil. A heavier particle of metallic than the red shade, less mirror-like but more prismatic. Excellent formula, this is just one coat!
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Eat, Drink and Assimilate

Pretty Serious Hack The Halls is a vibrant green metallic foil with gold and silver sparkly bits. This was pretty opaque, but not quite a one coater. I used two here. I love this so much, it's a fabulous green that works for spring as well as holiday!
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Hack The Halls

Pretty Serious Frosty the Snowborg is a white hot icy silver foil. This is super pale, almost a white, but it's definitely silver. Fine shimmer, close to a chrome type of finish. This is also just one coat! You may see some brushstrokes, but I think that's actually the ridges in my nails showing due to the finish.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Frosty the Snowborg

Pretty Serious A Christmas Time Paradox is a blue metallic with tiny silver glimmers. The finish of this one seemed the most different from the others, thinner with frosty shimmer that shows more brushstrokes. I used two coats for opacity here.
Pretty Serious Cosmetics A Christmas Time Paradox

Pretty Serious The Night Before... has a black base filled with silver foil shimmer. This is another amazing one, opaque in just one coat. I thought this would be more grey/gunmetal in person but it's quite dark!
Pretty Serious Cosmetics The Night Before...

Pretty Serious Yuletide of the Machines is a brassy antique gold metallic foil. This polish had a super foily finish, the kind that could bunch up on itself if you applied a second coat too quickly. I needed just one coat for full coverage though. This color reminds me of Egyptian jewelry, it's pretty unique in my collection!
Pretty Serious Cosmetics Yuletide of the Machines

These are all available for purchase on the Pretty Serious website now. They are $9.95 AUD per bottle, so with the current exchange rate, they're around $7 USD right now. They do have a direct shipping warehouse in the US so you don't have to wait for them to come from Australia if you're in the States, which is really nice. What do you think of this collection? Are you into metallics? My favorite has to be Santa's Sunburn, but Hack The Halls is a close second!

Be sure to check out the Pretty Serious Facebook and Instagram because they will be coming out with a new collection SUPER soon! They always have an early bird discount on new products, so you'll want to be in the know when they come out! Talk to you again soon :)

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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