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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Glam Polish Queen of Mean Collection [Partial] Swatches & Review

I'm basically overdosing on Glam Polish lately and I love it! I've got another new bunch of shades to show you from them today if you can believe it! It's called the Queen of Mean Collection, inspired by "the cut throat world of Celebrity & Fashion." The names are taken from such things as famous fashion designers, the move The Devil Wears Prada, and the show Fashion Police. I'm not a fashion girl, but I can appreciate these just the same. Fashion for NAILS I guess, right! There are nine shades in the collection and I have six to show you, so let's dive it!

Attitude Is Everything is an uber bright sea green linear holographic. Fabulous easy formula, two coats for opacity. Absolutely stunning in the sunlight! I will be wearing this a ton!
Glam Polish Attitude Is Everything

Florals? For Spring. Groundbreaking. is a light lavender holographic with glass flecks and a hint of sparkling holographic microglitter. Another great formula, two coats here.
Glam Polish Florals? For Spring. Groundbreaking.

B*#tch Stole My Look is a vampy wine red intense linear holographic. This applied effortlessly in two coats. Not a super unique color, but definitely a statement maker! I couldn't quite capture its brilliance, it's more impressive in person.
Glam Polish B*#tch Stole My Look

Gotta Have It! Make It Stop! has a soft cornflower blue holographic base packed with sparkling multi-colored microglitter and tiny violet flakies. All of the Glam glitters I've tried are so easy to put on and this is no exception. Two coats with a thick top coat for smoothness.
Glam Polish Gotta Have It! Make It Stop!

Can You Please Spell "GABBANA" is a blush pink-peach linear holographic. Perfection in two coats. This looks less intense, a bit more muted, in most lighting, but in the sun it really pops.
Glam Polish Can You Please Spell "GABBANA"

What Exactly Is She Wearing? has a holographic charcoal jelly base packed with rainbow microglitter. Thinner but easy to manipulate. Two coats. I haven't really seen a polish like this from Glam yet and I really like it. I hope they do more!
Glam Polish What Exactly Is She Wearing?

The three shades I don't have are Starlet or Streetwalker? - a bright fuchsia intense holographic with tiny sparkling holo microglitter, I Don't Do Fashion. I Am Fashion. - a shimmering blue with a hint of holo microglitter, and Big Girls Need Big Diamonds - a periwinkle tinted intense silver holographic with holo microglitter.

These will be released on Friday, Feb. 5th at 5pm EST (Feb. 6th at 8am AEST AUS) on the Glam Polish website. They ship to Australia, the USA and France. If you live in another country, be sure to check out their stockists. Tell me what you think about these shades! I kinda sound like a broken record when it comes to Glam Polish, but they hit it out of the park again for me! My favorite has to be the green, but the blue glitter and blush holo are right up there too. Talk to you again soon!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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