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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lilypad Lacquer Pinks & Color4Nails Exclusives Swatches & Review

Howdy there! I don't know about the weather where you're at, but we've had snow all week and it's Spring Break! How crazy is that? I'm glad for the moisture but I'm a little over it by now because it's been such a tough winter! Anyway, how are you doing? I've got my first polishes from Lilypad Lacquer to show you today. They are based in Australia and are sold at US based stockist Color4Nails, who provided these to me for review. Let's take a look!

Cheeky is a salmon pink jelly bordering on a crelly. It's pretty sheer and I found it to be pretty streaky. This is four coats, only because I wanted to see it as opaque as possible. You could probably get away with three, or leave it at two coats for a more translucent look.
Lilypad Lacquer Cheeky

Flirt is a light pink crelly. I found this to be a little more opaque than Cheeky but still streaky, it didn't really want to self-level. I used three coats here. Cherubic!
Lilypad Lacquer Flirt

Dollface is a light pink with a slight magenta tone. This was my favorite of the pinks I tried, but still a little streaky. Three coats.
Lilypad Lacquer Dollface

Peachface is a light peachy pink crelly. Same formula as Flirt and Dollface, three coats. All of the pinks seemed to dry really quickly despite having to use multiple coats. And I thought I detected some hidden shimmer in them when I was putting them on, but didn't see any once on my nail.
Lilypad Lacquer Peachface

Break The Rules is one of the Color4Nails exclusive shades. It has a violet/teal color shifting base with multichrome and colorshifting flakies. This was super easy to apply, but not as opaque as I'd prefer. I chose to build it up in three coats for maximum depth.
Lilypad Lacquer Break The Rules

Love Me Or Leave Me is another exclusive color. It has a brown/red color shifting base with multichrome and shifting flakies. Same formula as Break The Rules but I only needed two coats here.
Lilypad Lacquer Love Me Or Leave Me

Guilty Pleasures has a green/copper color shifting base with multichrome and colorshifting flakies. Also a great formula, very easy to polish with. I used three coats on this guy. This is another exclusive polish shade to Color4Nails and is my favorite of the three flakies because it reminds me of a crocodile!
Lilypad Lacquer Guilty Pleasures

Fresh is kind of the odd man out of the group, but a great kind of odd. Cloudy sky blue with brighter blue microglitter and a soft subtle holographic shimmer. Applies as if by magic, opaque in two coats. Dries satiny though, so you'll want a shiny top coat to make that holo pop.
Lilypad Lacquer Fresh

I've got the mini bottles of all of these, and I found them to be pretty nice to work with. Some minis are difficult due to smaller brushes but these have longer handles and normal sized brushes which make application easier. However, they are only sold as full size bottles on the Color4Nails website right now. All the pinks and the blue are $13 each for a 15 mL bottle and the flakie exclusives are $14 each for a full size. Let me know what you think of these! Have you ever tried Lilypad Lacquer before? Talk to you again soon!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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