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Friday, March 25, 2016

KBShimmer Spring 2016 and Mega Flame Collections Swatches & Review

Hey cookies! This has been another crazy week! Can a sista get a break or what? Hope your week has been well! I have the two new KBShimmer collections to show off today, the Spring 2016 collection and the Mega Flame collection.

KBShimmer Prints Charming is the first in the Spring collection. She has a white crelly base with multisized glitters in deep fuchsia, turquoise, and sapphire. Applies easily and I got this opaque in only two coats.
KBShimmer Prints Charming

KBShimmer Purr-fectly Paw-some is part of their Ultra Flair line up, which means it's crazy holographic! This is a pale, dusty moody blue linear holographic polish with steel gray and lavender undertones. It's a twist on a traditional periwinkle shade, created based on the Pantone 2016 Spring/Summer shade Serenity. Great application, but it's easy to overload your brush so be sure to watch that so you don't get pooling. Two coats.
KBShimmer Purr-fectly Paw-some

KBShimmer Hello Dahlia is a dusty orangey peach crelly with sparkly holographic microdust and golden micro flakes. This shade is based on the Pantone 2016 Spring/Summer shade Peach Echo. I found this lady to be a little thick but not overwhelming or difficult to apply. This is two coats.
KBShimmer Hello Dahlia

KBShimmer Pools Paradise is a lightened aqua crelly with little pops of neon pink, periwinkle and aqua glitters. This shade is based on the Pantone 2016 Spring/Summer shade Limpet Shell. I found the application on this to be lovely. I got nice coverage on two coats but if you tend to do thinner ones, you may need three.
KBShimmer Pools Paradise

KBShimmer Peony Pincher is another Ultra Flair, this time in a linear holographic pastel lavender. This had the same application as Purr-fectly Pawsome, except this covers completely one coat! I used two here anyway.
KBShimmer Peony Pincher

KBShimmer I Wet My Plants has a pastel muted periwinkle crelly base featuring a "garden full" of colorful glitters in dark pink, sapphire, silver and purple. This color is based on the Pantone 2016 Spring/Summer shade Serenity. This seemed a bit runny to me, so I would recommend not getting too much polish on your brush for easier application. Only two coats here!
KBShimmer I Wet My Plants

KBShimmer Upside Round is a special one! This is a glitter topper, filled with neon circle glitters in a rainbow of bright shades and tiny circles in red in a clear base. I used one coat, with some glitter placement, over Hello Dahlia. This combination reminds me of a clown at a summer birthday party!
KBShimmer Upside Round

Now on to the Mega Flame holo collection! These are the same type of formula as fan favorites Alloy Matey, I Feel Gourd-geous, and Sun and Games, featuring holographic microglitters in tinted bases. I found them to give full coverage in just 2 coats. They all apply really nice and evenly, not chunky like some ultra microglitters can get. I found them all to dry a bit textured, and they are very thirsty. They might appear smooth on one coat of top coat, but they suck it in fast so you'll need at least one more for a glassy, shiny finish.

KBShimmer Stalk Market is a near celery green yellow. I adore this soft citrine shade!
KBShimmer Stalk Market

KBShimmer Night Bright has a deep black base that makes the glitter look like stars in a faraway galaxy!
KBShimmer Night Bright

KBShimmer Ripe For The Pink-ing is a raspberry pink, a berry color with blue undertones. This makes me crave fruity desserts for some reason!
KBShimmer Ripe For The Pink-ing

KBShimmer Smells Like Green Spirit is a "twisted citrus" green, a shade of deep lime. We all know I'm crazy for greens, so yes I like this one too!
KBShimmer Smells Like Green Spirit

KBShimmer Things That Make You Go Bloom is a kind of soft greyed out lilac purple. The softest of the glitter shades, very demure while maintaining crazy sparkle!
KBShimmer Things That Make You Go Bloom

KBShimmer So Flamous is a copper leaning peach, a muted orange tone. I find this is too close to my skin tone to look super flattering but I do like the color.
KBShimmer So Flamous

KBShimmer Set In Ocean is a sparkling deep aqua blue. Very sea worthy and possibly my favorite of the mega flames!
KBShimmer Set In Ocean

All of these polishes are available on the KBShimmer website now for $9.25 each. Let me know which collection you like best of the two! I can't pick a favorite really, basically everything KBShimmer does fascinates me! Have a great Friday y'all!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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