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Sunday, March 13, 2016

GERmanikure Cuticle Nippers & Crystal Glass Nail File Review

Hi cookies! Have you missed me? I decided to take a mini-break to concentrate on some home and work stuff, and it just so happened that I had a bad nail break on my swatch hand the other day, so I figured it was a convenient time to take some time off. I'm back today to tell you about some products from GERmanikure. I first heard about them on my friend Deborah's blog, Love Varnish. She reviewed their cuticle nippers and crystal glass nail file and I commented about how lovely they sounded. Later on I got an offer from the company to try out the same products and of course I jumped at the chance!

The company based in Florida is the exclusive seller of GERmanikure products. I read on Deborah's post that these products are made under ethical conditions in Germany, and the nail files are made in the Czech Republic. Zamberg is dedicated to selling products created by skilled and reliable craftsman and reject the practice of products produced in third-world countries to underpaid and/or underage workers. At the beginning of this year they donated a portion of their sales to families in Pakistan and Vietnam who were victims of child labor. Knowing the company has such high acknowledgment of the ethical issues that surround this market gives me confidence in working with them.

The cuticle nippers I was sent are high-carbon stainless steel, which means they are harder than traditional steel while retaining rust-proof properties. They also feature "crush stoppers" that prevent over crushing of the blades, which can make them dull over time. These came with a protective leather case to cover the blade ends, which is perfect for me because I'm pretty klutzy and have been known to scratch myself on the sharp ends of manicure tools.

My cuticle story has been documented on my blog several times, so I won't go into too much detail, but long story short, I don't "cut my cuticles". What most people think of as their cuticles is actually eponychium, living skin around the nail. I only cut the occasional hangnail or dry skin around my nails that could snag or rip further. In order to do this safely, strong and sharp nippers are essential. I'm very happy with my experience with these nippers so far, I have had no issues with them and find them to be comfortable to use, sharp, and easy to clean.

The second product I was sent for review is a GERmanikure crystal glass nail file. The surface is fully uniform  and resistant to dulling because it's chemically etched unlike other cheapy files that use sprayed on texture. Because the unique etched surface results in a soft rounded texture, it does not harm your nail edge, while other types can snag or tear them. These are resistant to breaking too, which is good for clumsy folks like me. This also came in a luxe leather case for extra protection. I have used Czech made crystal glass files for years, and this one has the same excellent quality and performance that I've come to expect.

You can purchase these products at Do you use nippers or crystal glass nail files? If you do, I definitely recommend checking out GERmanikure. And if you don't, I recommend checking them out even more haha. I know not everyone has a need for nippers, but I bet all you nail enthusiasts use nail files and these really are the best for your precious tips. Thanks for coming by today and I'll be back with more nail polish soon!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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