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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More Glam Polish Swatches & Review

Hey there, good morning beautiful! I hope you're doing well so far today. I had kind of a rough few days, but I think things are looking up a little. I have some random Glam Polish shades to show you today that I picked up a while ago. I just love Glam Polish, I cannot stop myself from buying them!

Glam Polish Totally Buggin' is one of the Clueless trio polishes that came out about a month ago. This has an almost-black linear holographic base with a bunch of glitters in charcoal, black, white and holographic silver mixed in. This has a great formula despite it being very glitter-dense. I used two coats here. Due to all the glitter I'd recommend a thick top coat for smoothness.
Glam Polish Totally Buggin'

Glam Polish Take A Bow is from the Gleek collection released last summer. I used to be way into the show Glee when it first started, but I dropped off after the story line went a little too wacky for me haha. This is a cornflower blue linear holographic with subtle pink shimmer. In different lighting it can appear more purple because of the shimmer combination but it's definitely a blue. This was a little more sheer than I expected, but I still only needed two coats.
Glam Polish Take A Bow

Glam Polish Glam Batch #22 was released as a one-off special batch in Fall of 2015. This is a navy blue with gallons of gold glitter and holo bits. It's almost a textured polish there's so much glitter in here, but two coats of top coat make it smooth. Great formula, albeit a little thick, and opaque in two coats. Dries pretty slow, I smeared a few nails even using quick dry top coat when I wore this as a full manicure. And I noticed I had some staining on my nails after removal, so I definitely need to double up on the base coat next time I wear this.
Glam Polish Glam Batch #22

Both Take A Bow and Totally Buggin' are still available on the Glam Polish website now for $11 each. Sadly Glam Batch #22 is sold out, sorry for showing you something you can't get! Let me know what you think of these three pretties! Have you bought any new Glam's lately?

❤ Kellie
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