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Monday, March 21, 2016

Different Dimension Let Them Eat Glitter Collection Swatches & Review

Hey kids! I'm back again for a brand new adventure. Today's nail polish collection is called Let Them Eat Glitter by indie brand Different Dimension in collaboration with youtuber Nicole of Young, Wild and Polished! This collection consists of six glittery, sparkly, insanely blingy polishes. They are so fun!

Different Dimension Mrs. Rabbit is a purpley magenta jelly with intense blue shimmers, filled with chunky pink holographic glitters. This one seems pretty sheer on the first coat, but builds up a lot on the second. I still added another coat because I felt the base was still slightly translucent, but two is probably fine. I don't love this color, but it's pretty unique to my collection!
Different Dimension Mrs. Rabbit

Different Dimension YWPimpin is a gunmetal linear holographic polish with added gold flakies, sterling silver plated flakies and gold holographic microglitters. This polish is epic! One of my favorite types of polishes from DD, so glad to have one in this color. Applies like a dream, two coats for opacity.
 Different Dimension YWPimpin
 Different Dimension YWPimpin

Different Dimension Champagne Rain is made up of uber fine holographic gold and silver microglitters in a holographic base. Insanely beautiful, that awesome fine glitter is so smooooth! This is almost a one coater but I used two to completely cover every tiny crevice. Real thirsty though, my first coat of top coat was all sucked up and basically disappeared by the time I walked outside to get a picture so I put another on.
Different Dimension Champagne Rain

Different Dimension Topaz 2.0 is a lightened rose gold glitter bomb. Full of pink and gold holographic glitters and gold flakies in a rose gold tinted base. I found the base to be a little watery and I didn't get a ton of glitter out on the first coat, however on the second coat it was perfect! The second stuck to the first really well and I was able to get great coverage with the glitter. I love anything rose gold, so this is dear to my heart.
Different Dimension Topaz 2.0

Different Dimension Banjo Bling is a gold holographic glitter bomb, filled with gold holographic glitters in hexes and squares, and sterling silver plated and gold flakies. Same formula as Topaz 2.0, also two coats here.
Different Dimension Banjo Bling

Different Dimension Glitter Bug is basically the silver version of Banjo Bling. It has silver holographic glitters in different size hexes and squares as well as sterling silver plated flakies. Same formula as the other two glitter bombs, two coats for coverage.
Different Dimension Glitter Bug

They put a disclaimer on the listing of this collection saying "some of these polishes may require an extra coat of top coat to smooth out the glitters" and I find that to be very accurate. But only one extra coat should be necessary, so they're not much different than any other chunky glitter. You can purchase these now on the Different Dimension website for $50. Most of them are available individually for $8.75 except YWPimpin, which is $11. So you definitely save some moola by buying this as a set. Let me know what you think about these blingtastic glittahs!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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