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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Native War Paints Dirty Neons Collection Swatches & Review

And so it begins, neon-season! The Dirty Neons by indie brand Native War Paints was created with instagram nail artist Mrs. White and features six shimmery, slightly muted neon colors. These not only have great formulas but they were created to be excellent for watermarbling! I didn't try that nail art technique with them though, I'm not ambitious enough yet, but I did put them on my nails the regular way!

Plutonium is a muted neon teal with pink shimmer. Great consistency, not too thick or thin. Covers completely in two coats. This is such a great color combo, I love it!
Native War Paints Plutonium

Nuclear is a muted neon orange with green shimmer. This one was a tad thicker, but that made application effortless. Two coats here.
Native War Paints Nuclear

Fallout is a muted neon yellow with blue shimmer. This went on pretty well, still a tiny bit streaky on two coats so I did three. This might be the first neon yellow with a really nice to apply formula that I've tried though, which is great.
Native War Paints Fallout

Atomic is a muted neon pink with turquoise shimmer. Same formula as Nuclear, opaque in two coats. This one dried the most dull out of all of them, and even though I always recommend top coat, you'll definitely need it for shine on this one.
Native War Paints Atomic

Uranium is a muted neon green with orange shimmer. This one had a similar formula to the yellow, but covered perfectly in just two coats. This reminds me of Slimer from the Ghostbusters and I'm not mad about it!
Native War Paints Uranium

Radioactive is a muted neon orange toned red with orange/gold shimmer. Another excellent formula, a little thicker like the orange and pink, opaque in two coats.
Native War Paints Radioactive

As a sidenote, neons are quite hard to photograph completely accurately. I ask that you always take your monitor and device settings, etc. into consideration regarding color accuracy with any swatch, but with neons especially because the pigment does crazy things in the light that simple photography just can't handle sometimes. And it does crazy things to my skin tone.

The collection will be available on the Native War Paints website for pre-order at midnight EST on Friday 4/22, ending at 11:59pm EST on Saturday 4/30. They are all $8 each or $40 for the set during the pre-order. After the pre-order ends, they will be $8.50 each and $45 for the set. Mini sizes will also be available. Be sure to check out their mix & match option, where you can pick your favorite six polishes from all the NWP neons (25 colors!), same pricing. So what do you think? Are you ready for dem neons?? This collection is amazing and there is not one that I wouldn't recommend to you!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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