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Monday, April 4, 2016

Zoya Spring 2016 Petals Collection Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! Today I have the Zoya Spring collection to show you. It's called Petals and the shades are "inspired by the gardens of spring, this fresh and vibrant collection invites you to revel in the beauty of the season!" There's six polishes in the bunch and they're great for the season!

Tulip is a "pure pastel salmon cream with the slightest hint of sheen to mimic a petal soft finish." I found the color delightful, but the formula was a tad streaky and I needed three coats for opacity. The shimmer is subtle but noticeable.
Zoya Tulip

Aster is a "fresh periwinkle with flecks of fuchsia to create a dewy finish, mimicking the look of spring flowers in the morning." This was excellently formulated, fool-proof application and I had full coverage on two coats! What a pretty color too eh? Similar to OPI Show Us Your Tips but more opaque and slightly more purple toned.
Zoya Aster

Laurel is "a warm pastel pink with the slightest hint of sheen to mimic a petal soft finish." This one was on the streaky side and needed three coats. However, with the slightly crelly-like formula I wasn't surprised. I would choose a formula like this one or Tulip's over something like Zoya Eden which has a chalkier type of feel. I suppose it would come down to personal preference.
Zoya Laurel

Azalea is a "classic spring pink with a captivating white and fuchsia flash". I found the sparkle in this to be so pretty, the same type that Aster has with a similar formula. Very opaque, two coats here. 
Zoya Azalea

Zahara is described as "a brilliant shimmering coral made modern with an opalescent effect." This polish was similar to Aster & Azalea in finish and formula, but was a little less opaque so I needed three coats.This is SO pretty, maybe my favorite in the collection.
Zoya Zahara

Leia is a "sheer, opalescent white with flecks of fuchsia, green and gold". Zoya says this can be worn on it's own or layered over the other shades in the collection. This is it by itself at two coats. I like it but probably wouldn't wear it like this. I bet it would build up a little more with one or two more layers though.
Zoya Leia

I layered one coat of Leia over the other shades here. You can't tell very well from this photo but there was significant sparkle and a bit of that flash of color. (P.S. my thumbnail is rounded for some unfathomable reason, don't mind her)
Zoya Petals

These are available right now on the Zoya website for $10 each. I've heard a bunch of people say this collection isn't their favorite because the colors are too similar and they don't like the formulas, but I really enjoyed them! Different strokes for different folks I guess! What do you think? Is this collection a winner for you?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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