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Friday, April 29, 2016

Virago Varnish Enology Collection Swatches & Review

Howdy folks :) Today I have the Virago Varnish Enology Collection to share with you! Enology is the study of wine so all the names of the polishes are tied to the wine-making process. I personally don't drink wine anymore because it sometimes triggers migraines for me, but I have had my fair share throughout the years, hehe.

There are five shades in this collection, all holographic microglitters in tinted bases. I added one in at the end that is not part of the set, but it has a similar finish and formula. These all apply the same, smooth and very easy. There has actually been a lot of polishes with this type of finish released from different brands this Spring and these have to be my favorite in terms of application. They do dry dull so you'll need a thick top coat to bring out the shine and cover the glitter, but they don't dry as gritty as I had expected. The glitter particle is more of a flat (?) shape. Hard to explain unless you see it in person.

Oxidation is a light blue holographic microglitter. This was opaque in two coats.
Virago Varnish Oxidation

Rosé is a light pink holographic microglitter. This was the lightest shade and I needed three coats to cover my nail.
Virago Varnish Rosé

Vineyard is a light dusty green. This color was by far my favorite in the collection, it looks insane in real life! Two coats.
Virago Varnish Vineyard

Fermentation is a light purple holographic microglitter. This probably had the strongest holo in the bunch. Two coats.
Virago Varnish Fermentation

Chartreuse is a light greenish-yellow holographic microglitter. I was surprised but I got full coverage on this in just two coats.

Allure is the interloper, not part of the Enology collection, but a classic and essential Virago Varnish shade. This is a diamond-like silver holographic microglitter, same formula as the others but without a tinted base. Two coats!

You can purchase all of these shades on the Virago Varnish website for $11.25 each. So what do you think of these blingy glitters? Any favorites? Have you tried Virago Varnish yet? I hope to be able to show you many more shades from this brand in the future, I've really enjoyed everything I've tried from them!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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