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Monday, May 9, 2016

China Glaze Summer 2016 Lite Brites Collection Swatches & Review

I'm back today with a summer collection from China Glaze, a "nod to the audacious spirit and outspoken style of the ‘80s" called Lite Brites! There are twelve vibrant shades in the collection, which I'm excited to show you! I was born in the late 80's but I can definitely appreciate the decade and it's bold style! Neons are notoriously difficult to capture accurately in photos, but I've tried to get my pictures as close as possible. Please make sure to consult multiple photo if you are concerned.

Lip Smackin' Good is a bubble gum neon pink with a smattering of subtle blue shimmer. This applied well and dried pretty quickly. It's a little thick, but that didn't hinder application but rather helped. Neons can be tricky to get in a good formula and these are good. This is two coats. Dries dull so you'll want a top coat.
China Glaze Lip Smackin' Good

Whip It Good is a brilliant banana yellow crème. This is almost but not quite a neon, more bright pastel. This one was a little thin, a little streaky at first, but leveled out nicely in three coats.

Let's Jam is an orchid purple with a strong blue shimmer flash. Fabulous formula, amazingly opaque in one coat. I did two here, as I normally do, but one is totally sufficient. Thin but very pigmented.
China Glaze Let's Jam

I'll Pink To That is a totally tubular neon fuchsia crelly. More jelly-like in formula than the other crèmes but very opaque, almost a one coater! I used two coats here. Very shiny!
China Glaze I'll Pink To That

Lime After Lime is a light bright neon lime crème. Another really great formula, a little thick but that makes it easy to get opaque and levels out really well. Two coats.
China Glaze Lime After Lime

Papa Don't Peach is a coral orange jelly filled with iridescent copper glitter. This is sheerer than I expected, I needed three coats for full opacity. It dries to a textured finish, not sure if that was intentional or not. One coat of Seche Vite top coat was enough to cover the glitter and make it smooth though. This isn't my favorite look, but I like they did something different with glitter.
China Glaze Papa Don't Peach

What I Like About Blue is a bright sky blue with tons of floating pale gold shimmer. This one was on the thin side and could pool if you have too much polish on your brush. I applied two thin coats. Dries quite dull so you'll want a top coat for shine. Also be careful with removal, this type of shimmer sticks to everything.
China Glaze What I Like About Blue

None Of Your Risky Business is an electric tangerine crème. Same formula as the green except a tiny bit thinner, basically a normal buttery crème. Excellent opacity in just two coats. Dries dull.
China Glaze None Of Your Risky Business

We Got The Beet is a warm vibrant grape purple jelly with iridescent copper glitter bits. Same formula and texture as Papa Don't Peach, three coats here with a thick top coat.
China Glaze We Got The Beet

Bite Me is a crazy fluorescent warm pink neon with a glaze of gold shimmer. This was probably the thickest formula out of the collection, but covers in one coat. I used two here. Also dries the most matte, probably because of how neon it is. This is blindingly bright!
China Glaze Bite Me

I Got A Blue Attitude is a deep blue-violet crème with the most subtle glimmer of shimmer. This has a great formula, another thicker one but that equals to being almost opaque in one coat. I used two here for full opacity. A difficult color to pin down, in some lights it looks more blue and in others looks more purple.
China Glaze I Got A Blue Attitude

Hot Flash is the last shade, a crimson celly. This has the same formula as I'll Pink To That, very opaque for this type of formula, almost a one coater. This is two and it dries very shiny.
China Glaze Hot Flash

The Lite Brites collection is available now at Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply for around $7.50 each. What are your thoughts on this rad collection of summer shades? I'm head over heels! My favorites are Whip It Good, Lime After Lime, Bite Me and Let's Jam. Which ones catch your eye?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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