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Friday, September 16, 2016

Fair Maiden Polish Fall Into Delirium Collection Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! This week has been super crazy at work, like major busy, so I am decidedly exhausted. Hopefully it will ease up a little soon haha. I have some beautiful new polishes from Fair Maiden Polish though to lift my spirit! It comes in two parts, a fall collection called Fall Into Delirium. I have parts 1 & 2 for you today, 10 polishes in total

Part 1 is the "warm" half of the collection. It begins with Acorns & Ashes, a thermal change polish that is soft nude in warm temperatures and transitions to taupe in cooler temperatures, then goes to ashy charcoal when in its coldest state. Filled with golden green shimmer which shows more golden tones when nude, and greener tones when in the darker, cold state. A bit sheer at first, but nice formula, very manageable. This is three coats in it's warm state.
Fair Maiden Polish Acorns & Ashes

This is a cold sensitive thermal, different than most thermals which are heat sensitive. Best results are seen at 18 degrees C/64 degrees F. I am a naturally warm-bodied person and I live in the high desert in Nevada, which is still experiencing nice temperatures in the 80 degree range during the day. I could only partially achieve color transition for this photo by putting my fingertips in a bowl of ice water, and even then they seemed to revert back to gold a few seconds after I took them out! If you are a "cooler" person than I, you'll probably have no trouble though haha.
Fair Maiden Polish Acorns & Ashes

Shadow of Your Heart is a dark, vampy blood red holographic. This is super pigmented, maybe even a one coater if you're generous with your layers. I used two here. Makes me think of a glistening garnet.
Fair Maiden Polish Shadow of Your Heart

Roaming Fire is a fiery reddish orange holographic with a golden flame. This applied effortlessly in two coats. This seriously glows!
Fair Maiden Polish Roaming Fire

The Road Less Traveled is an earthy, dark mossy brownish grey-green holographic with color shifting violet shimmer. This is a soft roar, a sleeper hit. I wasn't expecting to be as knocked out by this as I am, it's so gorgeous! Great formula, two coats.
Fair Maiden Polish The Road Less Traveled

Wanderlusting is a golden bronze metallic flakie polish, loaded with 5 different holographic pigments, glass flecks, and a subtle golden green shift. The flakes lay flatter than glitter so there's minimal texture. Super easy to apply, easy to spread over the nail. This is two coats, awesome coverage on this one!
Fair Maiden Polish Wanderlusting

And here is part 2, the "cool" shades. Autumn’s Reign is a rich, slightly metallic purple that shifts slightly to reddish gold, with a violet-green shimmer and color shifting chroma flakes that flash red-orange-gold. Slightly thick, opaque in two coats.
Fair Maiden Polish Autumn's Reign

Cosmic Muse is a rich teal with an intense glow of pink-gold shimmer and color shifting chroma flakes that shift in purple-red-gold. This is a bit sheer at first, but builds up in three coats to the color you see here. Slight brushstrokes, but the intense shimmer is so flashy you almost don't see them in real life.
Fair Maiden Polish Cosmic Muse

Walking in Silence is a bright periwinkle blue holographic with a subtle red flash and color shifting shimmer. This was a little thick and didn't flow on my nails as easily as the other holos, but not bad. Two coats here, but you may need a third if you do thin layers.
Fair Maiden Polish Walking in Silence

Bright Eyed Mourning is a dark, moody midnight blue holographic with a tealy green glow. This by comparison with the previous polish, was decidedly thinner, maybe a teeny bit runny. This is two coats though, it has good pigmentation.
Fair Maiden Polish Bright Eyed Mourning

Time Stands Still is a sparkly cement grey holographic with a violet flash and shimmer flakes that shift blue-violet-red. This applies nicely, but is a little sheer. I used three coats but it was super close to being opaque in two. I really liked how this looked in person, my photo doesn't do the shifty-sparkle quality justice.
Fair Maiden Polish Time Stands Still

The pre-order for these polishes starts 9/17 at 11am CST on the Fair Maiden Polish website. The pre-order period will last one week, with the polishes shipping out 2-3 weeks after that. They will be available for regular purchase later on on the website too. Individually all the polishes are $10, except for Ashes & Acorns which is $9. Each half of five is priced at $45 as a group. Purchase all 10 for $85. Minis will be sold in both sets of 5 for $25 per set, but minis will not be sold individually. What do you think of these fall beauties? I'm obsessed with Wanderlusting and The Road Less Traveled!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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