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Monday, September 5, 2016

Guest Post by Nail Polish Society: Sophisticated Watermarble

Happy Labor Day to all my US readers! And happy Monday to everyone else :) Please enjoy the following guest post by my awesome friend Emiline from Nail Polish Society!


Hello there you lovely people! I'm Emiline from Nail Polish Society and I'm so honored to have been asked to guest post here. I been following Kellie's blog since my obsession first started three years ago. As you all know her swatches are to die for, and have influenced many a purchase of mine. Not only do I aspire to her amount of perfection, she is also just a really cool dudette. So thank you so much for having me!

For my nail art I created a simple look with a watermarble accent nail. I love me a good watermarble and it's slightly addicting. I often buy polishes based on their individual colors, then when I get them home I realize how well they go together. That was the case with these three Ginger + Liz polishes, ones that I wouldn't have normally thought of pairing together. I have found this brand to watermarble really well in the past and so I had to try it with these shades. As you can see, they worked like a charm! For my accent nail I applied the lilac shade on my nail as a base color. Then I added alternating drops of gray, lilac, and gold in my glass of water, and created a floral design on an inner ring of gray. I think the simplicity is slightly sophisticated but also really striking. Lastly I added a couple gold studs too for a little sompin' sompin'.

What I used:
Ginger + Liz Grounded- gray
Ginger + Liz Calm Down Girl- lilac
Ginger + Liz Got My Groove Back- gold
gold stud decorations from Born Pretty Store
Seche Vite top coat

I hope you enjoy what I've created! Thank you again Kellie for having me! Take a little break now and go treat yo' self.

Nail Polish Society



I'm ALWAYS head over heels to get to see a watermarble post on my blog, because there's no chance in heck I could ever execute one! Thank you so much Em, I love what you created so much! Go check her out everyone, she's a star!!

❤ Kellie
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