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Monday, September 26, 2016

SuperChic Lacquer Urban Dictionary Collection Swatches & Review

Hi friends! Today I have a new collection from indie brand SuperChic Lacquer, the Urban Dictionary collection of eight superholo shades. They are described as "fierce color depth shades with intense linear holographic effects." I used a good base coat on all of these to prevent staining, I prefer the SuperChic Bring It On! stain blocking/color bonding base coat.

Rum-Billie is a warm spiced rum linear holographic. Awesomely robust, opaque in one coat and easy to apply. This is a unique shade to my collection, I can't get over it's hotness!
SuperChic Lacquer Rum-Billie

Trap Queen is a vibrant raspberry holographic. This gal is also a one coater, yay! Did you immediately start singing that song? Because I did :)
SuperChic Lacquer Trap Queen

Zombie Crush is a dark blackened blood purple holographic. Great formula, super pigmented. I got a little of this in my cuticle and it ended up staining my skin, so take care! One coater here.
SuperChic Lacquer Zombie Crush

Wonderwall is an intense pale champagne gold holographic. There is a teal tinge to this that is quite subtle, but it's definitely there. This is the only shade in the collection where two coats were necessary for full coverage.
SuperChic Lacquer Wonderwall

Awkward Turtle is a gorgeous muted olive green holographic. I was hoping for a green in the SuperChic intense holo formula, so I was really excited to see this! Another fabulous one coater.
SuperChic Lacquer Awkward Turtle

Rosebuddy is a pale pink intense holographic. This is almost a rose gold but is more pink than the almost coppery shade I think of for a rose gold. Due to it's lighter color I really thought I would need two coats, but one really did cover my nail completely!
SuperChic Lacquer Rosebuddy

Deadpool is a dark ocean-at-night blue holographic. Who doesn't love a dark blue for fall? One coat wonder.
SuperChic Lacquer Deadpool

Awesome Sauce is an intense rich dark chocolate holographic. I'm loving all the brown shades that are coming out this year and this is no exception. This is a one coat shade as well.
SuperChic Lacquer Awesome Sauce

This collection, along with SuperChic's other intense holos, the Dreamology collection, will be available for pre-order today September 26th at 4pm PST (USA) on the SuperChic Lacquer website. All polishes are $12 each. Let me know what you think of all of these holo babes!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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