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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Native War Paints Denim Collection Swatches & Review

Hey party people! Today I have the latest collection from indie brand Native War Paints, and they are shimmmaaahhss! This is by far my favorite finish from NWP, they do shimmers incredibly well. Instead of the gold shimmer we saw in their Sweater collections, this new collection, called Denim, has blue shimmer!

Jeans and a T-shirt is a pale grey with blue shimmer. This one seemed a bit sheer at first but it builds up nicely. Lovely formula, not thin like I expected, easy to polish with. This is three coats. These all dry dull so you'll want a top coat for maximum shine.
Native War Paints Jeans and a T-shirt

Skinny Jeans is a dusty yet vibrant medium purple with blue shimmer. This one was a tad thick. Nice and opaque at two coats.
Native War Paints Skinny Jeans

Boots and Jeans is a beigey nude polish with blue shimmer. This one is very similar to Jeans and a T-shirt, sheerish but with a nice, easy to use formula. This is three coats.
Native War Paints Boots and Jeans

Denim on Denim is a dark blue with blue shimmer. I found this to be similar to Skinny Jeans, a little on the thicker side, with full coverage in two coats.
Native War Paints Denim on Denim

Distressed Denim is a deep aubergine purple with blue shimmer. This dries darker than it looks in the bottle, a little more wine than berry. Same thicker formula, two coats.
Native War Paints Distressed Denim

My Favorite Sweater and Jeans is a teal polish with blue shimmer. This is still just as shimmery as the others but the colors don't contrast as much, so it might not appear very glisteny in the photo, but it definitely is in real life. Good formula, also a tad bit thick, two coats.
Native War Paints My Favorite Sweater and Jeans

It hit me that the formula on the darker shades are all very similar to how matte polishes behave for me. They dry very quickly, and I seemed to get the smoothest finish when I had a generous amount of polish on my brush and worked very quickly and deliberately. If you play with your strokes too much (heh heh) you might get uneven-ness and visible streaks.

These are all available for pre-order on the Native War Paints website now. They are $8 individually and $40 for the full collection. After the pre-order ends on 9/17, they will sell for $9 individually and $50 for the collection. What do you think of these shimmery gals? I'm honestly gaga for them all, but Distressed Denim and Boots and Jeans have me swooning!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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