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Friday, July 10, 2015

My Updated Nail & Hand Care Essentials

Hi friends! I wrote a post about my favorite nail & hand care items last year, which you can see here, but I wanted to update it for you with some of the different products I've been using lately and supplementing my routine with. Since I've been under the weather, and dealing with some family health issues, (not to mention the actual weather has been rather crappy lately) I haven't had a chance to swatch very much but I will be back with some soon!

Nail Primers - I use these to prep my nails for polish, they remove all remnants of oil before a base coat.
KBShimmer pH Balancing Pre-Polish Nail Treatment is the one I've been using pretty much exclusively since I first tried it. Works really well and is affordable. $5,

Orly Primetime is an old favorite. I still reach for it when I run out of the KBShimmer, but I prefer the former because of the brush width. $10,

Base Coats/Treatments - I'm looking for stain prevention and a moderate amount of staying power from my base coat. I change my polish often so I don't need a base coat that guarantees a month of chip free nails (as if, haha).
Nail Tek Citra I Formaldehyde Free for Strong, Healthy Nails is my current favorite. I bought it on my trip to California this March while shopping with Jen The PolishAholic. I don't need strengtheners but I wanted some extra protection. This protects my nails and wears well by itself or under polish. $15,

SuperChic Lacquer Bring It On! base coat is a new product I got for review not too long ago. This base coat is supposed to totally prevent staining and so far, I can say it lives up to the claims! I love that it dries matte and very fast. $6.50,

Pretty Serious Force Field Protective Base Coat is a new-ish product from Pretty Serious that I bought recently. This is a good everyday type of clear base coat with great protection against staining. $8.95,

Butter London Nail Foundation is more of a splurge. It's a nude colored ridge-filling base coat. This is pricey so I don't use it all that often, but I do really like it for sheer colors to camouflage my nail beds a little. $19,

Top Coats - I'm always on the hunt for the next best top coat of life. I like them to dry very fast, be shiny, and not shrink or pull at my polish. These are all great and I use them all depending on what mood I'm in.
KBShimmer Clearly On Top Quick Dry Top Coat - $5,

Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat - $6.95,

SuperChic Lacquer Marvel Liquid Macro - $6.50, (image via

Cuticle Oils - This is an essential part of my life now, since I started using them religiously last year. I cannot be without it, I use it multiple times a day! These are all really good options.
Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil - The one that started it all. The 'crisp' scent is my favorite! $5.99-$19.99,

Sweet Baby by Donna - The recent contender for the top spot. The 'pink sugar' scent is basically crack to me! $6-$10.75,

KBShimmer Cuticle Oil is another awesome one I've been using on and off for a long time, again in 'pink sugar'. $6,

Sunny's Body Products Cuticle Oil - This lady has some excellent products, the two types of oils she makes are seriously amazing. She has a monumental amount of scents to choose from, but again my pick has to be 'pink sugar'! $6-$8,

Cuticle/Stain Remover - I've been laying off the cuticle removers almost completely and my cuticles seem even better than they have been so it looks like something I can go easy on or avoid completely.
Orly Cutique is a gentle cuticle remover but I mostly use it if I get some errant staining on my nails or cuticles and it does the trick, like magic! $10,

Hand Sanitizer - I work in a busy office with lots of people coming and going so I use sanitizer like crazy!
Fortune Cookie Soap OCD hand sanitizer is excellent, non-drying and comes in a ton of amazing scents! I can't get enough of this stuff! My favorite scent right now is Kiss, it smells like sweet tarts! $2.89-$6.49,

Moisturizer - I cannot stand to have my hands feel dry so I'm always using some product or other on them to keep the moisture in.
Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream is holy grail status for me. So creamy, really moisturizing but not greasy, sinks in quickly and a lot of fabulous scents to choose from. One of my favorites is fruity Polyjuice Potion. $10.99-$16.49,

KBShimmer lotion, I've spoken about my love for this product in the past, great all over lotion. The 'pink sugar' scent rules again! $10,

Exfoliating Scrub - I'm a recent convert to scrubs, they're such a nice addition to my routine. I use them all over, elbows, hands, feet, yay!
KBShimmer Sugar Scrub is so good! I love that it's gentle but still coarse enough to actually get the job done! I also really appreciate that all the little bits dissolve and don't stick around my tub and ruin my baths ;) $10,

Fingernail Polish Remover - I need something to work well, fast, and not turn my hands into the sahara desert!

Onyx Professional Nail Polish Remover Moisturizing Formula Lavender, I found this in Walmart a few months ago and I just adore it. Reminds me of the one available in Sally Beauty Supply stores, but I don't have one of them close to me so this is a great option for me, plus it's really affordable. $2.48,

Zoya Remove is an old favorite, I still buy this whenever I place a Zoya order or am by an Ulta, because it's a nice strong remover but is still gentle. $9.99,

Oh and a side note, I do still use plain 100% acetone to clean up with and to help with stubborn glitter polish.

There you have it folks! *phew* I sure do use a lot of junk on my hands huh haha. I am still looking for a good SPF to protect my hands without making them greasy. Ugh, I despise sunscreen in all forms, but I know I need to use it. Let me know your favorite products for hand/nail care! Have you tried any of my picks?

❤ Kellie
Some of the products mentioned were provided for an honest review; others were purchased by me. Photos are from the respective companies' websites.
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