Monday, February 15, 2010

anti-valentine's day mani

here's my anti-valentine's day manicure. i was not in the spirit this year. or any year really. even when i am in the "lovey dovey" mood or whatev haha i still don't really relish the valentine's holiday. i think it's a silly reason to celebrate and spend money and it usually ends in disappointment. and i have to watch other people get gifts and hear about "amazing" valentine's day dates the next day and it's just lame to me. so yeah. not to be bitter haha! i swear i'm not a grumpy person normally :)

this is three coats of a George (based in the UK) polish, raincloud, that Charlotte from LipGlossiping sent me from a contest I won in December. super cute, really sheer on the first coat but built very nicely. an art deco sparkly red for the heart and china glaze ink nail art lacquer from the ink collection they did in summer 2008. it may seem like i just slopped on the words, but i actually wanted it to look deconstructed and non-perfect. kind of like graffiti. anyway, hope you had a nice weekend and that a real holiday like President's Day (for of all those in the states) is going well for you!


  1. This is great, I love the annoyed face on the pinkie!

  2. Not a Valentine's Day lover, huh? =) Well, I'm not either and I haven't been alone on Valentine's Day for a lot of years now.
    Love your mani!

  3. I love the mani!
    I'm extremely happily married but I despise VDay!

  4. Haha I LOVE the index finger!

  5. I never knew that so many people hated valentines day! haha :) cute mani though, I really like the color and the sad face on the pinky finger!


  6. samantha ~ haha a lot of people say that my face is perpetually annoyed looking, but i'm all "hey that's just my face!" reminds me of that, except i was trying to make it look like that this time!

    sasha ~ thanks girl! i'm glad to know i'm not alone in my dislike of the day :)

    lily nail ~ aw thanks <3

    evil angel ~ i'm happy we have something in common! other than our obsession with nails ;)

    kae ~ haha thank you!

    caitlin ~ thanks, i liked the color a lot more than i thought i would actually. it was more just for the bkrnd but i really ended up loving the gray!

    mickello ~ <3 wish you could've seen this IRL, you would've cracked up

  7. So sorry if you hated my date, ha ha, :). At least I gave YOU a present too! Your mani is totally funny, I'm dying, ha ha. Love you!

  8. This looks great kellie! :D The grey color is really nice :) what is presidents day? i mean anything particular you do at that holiday?

  9. I like the anti-Valentine's Day manicure. I got the graffiti look. A deconstructed look. I like to decorate with hearts and that's just because I like hearts. The day just sucks.


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