Friday, February 19, 2010

diamond cosmetics spring 2010

diamond cosmetics sent me their latest collection for review. so i thought i'd post the bottle pictures for you to peruse and i'll have the swatches and my review up very soon :) plus the others that i've been slacking on (i.e. orly sweet, orly bloom, man glaze, the rest of china glaze up & away, and opi hong kong). enjoy!
they also threw in their new super base coat and super dry top coat.
can't wait to try these guys!

my sister and nephew were in town last weekend which was so fun! i always have the best time with them. and my brother is in town this weekend to visit some of his friends from high school and to go snowboarding in the snowy sweet peaks of utah. i've been pretty stressed from school and work so i'm excited to relax and spend some time with him. also, my friend is having his 30th birthday as an 80's theme party this saturday so that will be a super blasty blast, haha. if i'm brave enough, i'll post some pics :) have a great weekend!


  1. Those look so pretty, I can't wait for swatches!

  2. Oooh, super pretty! Serendipity looks a lot like the new Maybelline LE Sweet Things shade Pie in the Sky (but with shimmer). I am obsessed with pastel blues so I think I need this one too. :)

  3. Beautiful! I especially love the trio in your second set, "Tranquility," "Orange Blush" and "Serendipity." Those look like great spring colors. I look forward to seeing swatches of those. :)

  4. Lucky girl you are :) Cant wait to see some swatches :D Hope you enjoy your weekend with the brother and friends :D I hope you will post pics! I wanna see Kellie 80'es style :P haha :)

  5. Enjoy all your company. Happy Birthday to your friend on his 30th birthday! Sounds like a fun party. I've seen this collection swatched once. Pretty shades.

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