February 22, 2010

china glaze stella

here is china glaze's beautiful stella from the retro diva collection 2009. she is a gorgeous glowey dark purpley shade. its a sort of metallic violet-magenta. very shimmery and alluring. i've had this in my pile of "untrieds" for a while (from my package from reader amy, thanks again girl!) and i cannot believe that i haven't worn this yet! i have to admit, it looked like any other purple shimmer in the bottle, but once i had it on, i was just mesmerized by it's depth and dimension. it is totally one of my favorites now, it has that amazing ember-glow-from-within feel that i adore. very easy to apply too. this is 2 coats. i had at least three girls in my college classes compliment me on my polish--i've never even talked them before!

and if it's possible, i love it even more when i matte-ified it. i used man glaze's matte-astrophe matte topcoat (which i was sent and will review in another blog post). the matte texture makes stella look like VELVET! awesome. loved it.
i think this is just about the perfect length for my nails. i've had them a lot longer (obviously if you read my blog you've seen) and super short. but this length is very comfortable, for painting and for my lifestyle. i think long nails on me look weird, although i love them on others. what is your perfect length? and shape? i've finally decided that mostly square with slightly rounded edges is the way to go for me, just the way my hands are shaped, it's the most flattering i think. plus it cuts down on snags and broken corners.

i have a big presentation in one of my psych classes this week, so wish me luck! hope you're all having a terrrrific week so far sunshines :D


  1. Wowowow! Stella is so stunning I can't believe it's still one of my untrieds. And I love it as a matte!!

  2. This polish is absolutely stunning ! I think it is one of the prettiest purples I have and I've noticed it looks good on many differents skin tones. It sure look great on you :-)

    Good luck in your presentation !!!

  3. That polish Matte is gorgeous! Love it!

  4. Ooo, I love it matte, it is so pretty!

  5. What a gorgeous color! Your photos really capture the multicolor shimmer so well. It's a keeper for sure. Adding it to my wishlist.

  6. I have this in my untrieds too! It's super pretty on you. And I love it matte as well!
    Good luck on your presentation! ♥

  7. Beautifully glowy - and I really like it matte, too!

  8. i like the shape and length of your nails, that how i keep my nails too!
    i dont care for long nails, they feel weird and are not practical for me -i wear latex gloves at work, so long nail would poke holes in them.

  9. I love Stella. It's such a pretty shade of purple. I hope your test went well! :)

  10. This color is gorgeous, very rich looking I love it :) I kinda ignored the Retro Diva collection... i'm diggin' this though!


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