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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

essie showstopper and seche prize

i got this polish in a discount bin at TJ Maxx. that's kind of an oxymoron, because everything that comes from TJ Maxx is discount...anyway around christmas time they had huge baskets of essie polishes for $3.99. most of them were lame pale versions of white and pink sheers but there were a few choice guys buried in there. this is one of them, essie showstopper. deep berry with a gold shimmer highlight (3 coats). i like this one more in the bottle than on my fingers to be honest. and really, the pictures came out really good. like way better than i was expecting because i don't really like this polish all that much IRL. i loved it more when i made it matte w/ essie's matte about you topcoat. maybe this would look better on someone with a different skintone. does anyone have this polish and love it? oh well, this will make a good addition to my swap pile :)

lamp light
matte-ified under lamp light
i also wanted to post a picture of the haul i got from the people over at Seche Inc. (American International Industries). i won a contest with them on Facebook back in November and i received pretty much their entire collection as a prize. it's been pretty much the best thing ever! the nail treatments (rebuild, recondition, natural, plus) have made my nails bullet proof (honestly i haven't broken a nail since i've started using them *knock on wood*), seche restore has made my seche vite last tons longer than ever before, and i'm loving all of the other products i probably would've never gotten to try had i not won them. they also threw in some salon perfect lashes and brow powder from a sister company. uber exciting huh!
have a great day!
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