Tuesday, February 9, 2010

essie showstopper and seche prize

i got this polish in a discount bin at TJ Maxx. that's kind of an oxymoron, because everything that comes from TJ Maxx is discount...anyway around christmas time they had huge baskets of essie polishes for $3.99. most of them were lame pale versions of white and pink sheers but there were a few choice guys buried in there. this is one of them, essie showstopper. deep berry with a gold shimmer highlight (3 coats). i like this one more in the bottle than on my fingers to be honest. and really, the pictures came out really good. like way better than i was expecting because i don't really like this polish all that much IRL. i loved it more when i made it matte w/ essie's matte about you topcoat. maybe this would look better on someone with a different skintone. does anyone have this polish and love it? oh well, this will make a good addition to my swap pile :)

lamp light
matte-ified under lamp light
i also wanted to post a picture of the haul i got from the people over at Seche Inc. (American International Industries). i won a contest with them on Facebook back in November and i received pretty much their entire collection as a prize. it's been pretty much the best thing ever! the nail treatments (rebuild, recondition, natural, plus) have made my nails bullet proof (honestly i haven't broken a nail since i've started using them *knock on wood*), seche restore has made my seche vite last tons longer than ever before, and i'm loving all of the other products i probably would've never gotten to try had i not won them. they also threw in some salon perfect lashes and brow powder from a sister company. uber exciting huh!
have a great day!


  1. Awesome Seche prize. They make a top notch product.

  2. WOW, that is one amazing Seche prize!!!! Look at all of those goodies!! wow!

    Love the Essie :) it's pretty - I've never seen this one!

  3. Wow, that really is an AWESOME Seche prize. I think the Essie Showstopper really suits your skintone, and especially matte, it's gorgeous. =D

  4. Score on the prize! Awesome.

    That Essie is really pretty, but is truly gorgeous matted!

  5. Scrumptious colour! And what a great prize from Seche. Lucky girl!

  6. love that essie. I have a serious love of all things Essie. and omg that Seche prize is to die for

  7. Ooh, giant Seche prize! How cool! I bet it felt like your birthday when you opened that box. :D

  8. Awesome Seche prize! Congrats!

  9. Kel that polish looks beautiful on you!

  10. Awesome prize!!!!
    I love that polish. Every time I hit up tj maxx, they always have the 'pales'...:(. Good find!

  11. Love your blog girl!!!!

    Pls check out our Fashion/Celebrity Gossip blog

  12. has anyone noticed any shrinkage using Seche Vite?

  13. gildedangel ~ thanks girl!

    gina ~ i agree, i was so stoked when i won :)

    brooke ~ i had never seen this essie either, i'm thinking it's pretty rare so i might hang on to it. thanks!

    anstah ~ great prize huh! thanks, i loved it matte too <3

    smoochie ~ awesome score haha. matte is my preference w/ this guy for sure!

    cali369 ~ i'm so glad you think so!

    ange-marie ~ i adore essies as well, their bottles are so cute haha.

    asami ~ i was seriously shrieking when i felt how heavy the box was! best day haha :D

    jackie s. ~ thanks lady!

    claudia ~ aw you're too nice doll <3

    dani m ~ thanks for following! i'm glad you like it! it's a thrill when we dig out a treasure at those discount chains huh :)

    eternally fixated ~ that is so nice, thank you for the compliment ladies! i will check you out fo sho.

    jackie s. ~ i know a few ladies do big time but it almost never happens with me. maybe a tiny bit around my cuticles, but i do the "gap" method so it doesn't bother me. i think it has a lot to do with your body chemistry.

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  15. Ooo, I do like that Essie and I don't even really like pinks. Also, that's one insane Seche haul.

  16. I think Showstopper looks gorgeous on you and I'm so jealous of that fabulous Seche prize. Congrats on winning and enjoy your goodies. Be sure to let us know what you think about them.

  17. This is super gorgeous on you!

  18. I'm in love with Showstopper! such a great color!


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