February 7, 2010

opi my private jet

here a few sun pictures of one of the polishes i got for christmas, opi's my private jet. a classic dark charcoal holo, of which there are several different versions. i don't really know which version this is, but i like it :) this is 3 coats.
have fun today! i'm up in my room hiding from all the super bowl festivities going on at my house. hope everything is going well for you dolls :)


  1. It's so pretty! It's a shame that a real holo version exists because it makes the non-holo look like crap even though it is actually quite pretty.

  2. Looks so nice :D And cute length on your nails now :D and so good pics :)

  3. What a beautiful color!

  4. Woo Woot! Where did you get that schnazzy polish? Lovely dear!

  5. Looks like the brownish-base- chunky holo version. I have yet to see a MPJ version I don't love. The teal flash one is super pretty too. I have this one, and the original true holo, but I need to get my hands on the MPJ teal flash :(

  6. I think this is the same one I have. It's really pretty and I love it, but I want the other two also. I'm just greedy.


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