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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BB Couture Girls On Tape Collection

Hi folks! Hope your week is off to a great start :) I have some new BB Couture polishes to show you today, yay! The Girls on Tape collection for Spring 2012 is made up of six glittery shades all named after movies. I'm a total film buff so I love the idea of course!

First is Happy Hooker, a light bright purpley toned pink with lots of silver glitter and sparse red and dark blue glitter. I thought this one would be super sheer, but it build up really well in two coats! The Happy Hooker is a comedy movie about a "true call girl", haha I've never seen it but it sounds interesting.

Next up is Carrie, one of my favorite films. This is a navy blue foil with silver glittery shimmer. It was opaque in one coat but I did two here. I am huge into Stephen King novels and Carrie is so classic, the film adaptation is really great. Horror films ftw!

Here is African Queen, a green yay! At first glance it reminded me of another BB, Frontier Woman, but that one is definitely darker. This is a happy spring green with nice silver shimmer, two coats. I've never seen The African Queen, a 50's film staring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. I'll have to add it to my Netflix queue :)

Gidget is a medium brownish-red pink with silver and red glitter and sparse dark blue glitter pieces. I love this color and I love the surfing movie it's named for! It's more subtle than the other shades in this series but still nicely glittery. This is two coats.

Now on to Black Widow, a really special polish and another movie I haven't seen haha. It's a super dark plum purple with red and silver glitter. I can't think of another polish like this! Very cool and vampy. This is three thin coats.

And last is Pretty Woman, a guilty pleasure movie starring Julia Roberts. This is a medium berry pink with the same silver, red, and dark blue glitter as the other polishes. It dries semi-matte but I used a topcoat to make it shiny. This is two coats.

You can purchase these from the BB Couture website at for $8.95 each or at for $9.95.

Products provided for review.
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