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Thursday, March 22, 2012

China Glaze - The Hunger Games: Some Capitol Colours

Hola amigos! I am beYOND stoked for the new movie based on the book, The Hunger Games! I get to see it tonight at the midnight premier and I can't wait! I really enjoyed the book, when it first came out and I heard about it, I could not put it down! It's very engrossing and unique. Of course, I'm hoping the movie will be spectacular. China Glaze got on the bandwagon by putting out a collection of Hunger Games inspired nail polishes! Uhh two of my favorite things combined?! How badass is that!

Apparently, the polishes were originally (tentatively?) named with labels inspired by certain characters and situations in the story, there was some changes made to the final product. The names are inspired by the 12 "Districts" of Panem, lining up to each of their exports/labor specialties. I personally like the previous names better, but I do like the idea of a polish representing each District.

First I have the polish that I most anticipated from the promo images, this is Smoke & Ashes. It represents District 12 for Mining. The base color is silky black and the glitter is aqua and green duochromey. It doesn't show a huge duochrome at first glance, but it's still gorgeous. This is two coats. I feel like this color is really hawt! It dries really shiny too.

Here is a lightbox photo of the bottle so you can see the different colors in the glitter. Très belle no?

Next is Dress Me Up. This is one I really prefer the "original" name, Primrose, for the main character's younger sister. The current name represents District 8 for Textiles. So I secretly think that name in my head when I see this one, haha. It is a beigey-nude muted rose pink. I think this is a really pretty color, but I have to admit I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. Two coats.

Next is Harvest Moon, a color I wouldn't have picked out the bunch really. It represents District 9 for Grains. It turns out to be pretty beautiful in real life. It is burnished copper filled with foil-like golden glitter. This is two coats.

And last is Riveting! Can I just say, WHOA! This is a ridculously beautiful bright glowing orange with gold almost glass fleck glitter. It reminded me of China Glaze's Orange Pacific at first, but it's less red, more true orange. I am borderline obsessed with golden glitter and this has it in spades. It was really nicely opaque too, this is two coats. Oh yeah, this represents District 3 for Technology.

I hope to get Electrify and Fast Track from the collection as well, those look ravishing on the swatches I've seen. Well, everyone Happy Hunger Games and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor! I can't WAIT to watch it!

Some of the products mentioned were provided for review.
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