March 23, 2012

Orange Pacific vs. Riveting

Hey folks! I'm so in love with The Hunger Games movie, it's not even funny. I showed you some of the polishes from China Glaze's Hunger Games collection yesterday and today I wanted to make a comparison for one of them. Riveting from the HG set is an intense orange with gold shimmer and it reminded me of one of China Glaze's older lacquers, Orange-Pacific.
Left: Orange-Pacific, Right: Riveting

Orange-Pacific is on my index and ring fingers, Riveting is on my middle and pinky nails. OP is more red toned and Riveting has much more gold. Also, OP took three coats to make opaque and Riveting only took two, plus R has a much better formula. If I'm not mistaken, I think OP is the older formula (it came out in the Surf Collection of 2007) which isn't Big-3 Free, that could account for the formula difference.

Hope this helped anyone out there wondering how these stacked up against one another! Oh, and on another "orange" note, I just got a new kitty! He's a long-haired domestic with orange and white fur. I named him Sawyer :D

Some of the products mentioned were provided for review.


  1. Lovely comparison! Aw and congrats on your new kitty <3

  2. I was thinking it was more similar to Orange Marmalade? Oh well, it's already on the way to my house even though I have OM :P

    1. yeah that was the one I was probably thinking of haha, but i don't have that one :P

  3. Great comparison. I have been wanting Orange Pacific for a long time. Riveting many kill that lemming. Thanks.

  4. love orange pacific more :) Oh a red kitty they are the naughty ones :) Wishing you many happy years together :)

  5. I don't have either of those polishes but I think I'd go for Riveting as it's brighter and more orange.

  6. OP is really, really nice - but Riveting is just that...Riveting and has stolen my heart. It is early yet in this year - but already Riveting is in the running for a spot in my top 10 favs of this year right now.

  7. lol did you name him after Sawyer from Lost?

    And thanks for the great comparison! I got Riveting and love it. ^_^

  8. I actually prefer Orange Pacific, but both look gorgeous :)

  9. OOOh, I love orange polishes for summer! Nice comparison. I hope you'll post a photo of your new kitty soon! Orangies are the best!

  10. Very close but I'll take Riveting. Sawyer is a wonderful name for a cat. I had an orange long haired cat years ago. His name was Adrian and he was a smart & amazing cat.

  11. Wow - I wish I had OP as well - Riveting is lighter but not brighter - they are equal in that category! Oh do I miss the old formulas before the possible carcinogens had to be removed.


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