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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Misa Precious Moments Collection

Helloooo guys and dolls! Today I'd like to show you Misa's latest offering for Spring, the Precious Moments collection. It's five pastels and a bright jelly, that equals Spring-forward in my book! The formulas on all these were a tad thick but very manageable. Save the jelly, they were all two coats.

First up is Someone Like You, a pinky beige cream. It's a delicate and subtly sexy polish. You know I love my nudes honey! It's also the same name as the Adele single that's been so popular lately, which is now stuck in my head haha.

Next is Deep Breath, a pale cream grey with very slight blue undertones. This is actually really pretty, albeit a bit plain jane.

This is Pinky Promise, a pale pink cream with a delicate purple tone. I'm not super impressed with this one. Purple toned pinks are one of my least favorite types of colors. Still, it is nicely feminine.

Little Hands is a mod mint green cream. Very opaque and bright. I have a bajillion mint polishes and this is probably not one of my top five, but I still like it. The name creeps me out. It makes me thing of doll hands, and dolls make my skin crawl a little haha.

And here is Sweet Thing, a pale lavender cream. Very sweet and very soft. Again, I have a lot of polishes like this but this one might be in my top five pale purples, because the formula is pretty on point.

Last is Bed of Roses, a bright posy pink squishy jelly. Now you know I la la love my pinks and my jellies so this is automatically one of my favorites. This is three coats and there is still visible nail line, but this type of color doesn't need to be opaque to make an impact.

I'm not the biggest fan of pastels, but honestly for Spring it's pretty much to be expected haha! I like a few of these more than I predicted, but overall it's not a ground-breaking group of shades. You can find these from for $7.50 each. What do you think of these y'all?

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