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Friday, March 30, 2012

OPI NYC Ballet Soft Shades Collection

OPI's Soft Shades collection this year was inspired by the New York City Ballet. The collection features five sheer shades lightly tinged in hues of beige, pink, white, lilac and gray, as well as a silver sparkly topper. I was expecting these to be creams from the promo images but I was pleasantly surprised to find them to have a jelly finish.
OPI NYC Ballet Soft Shades

First is Barre My Soul, a soft beige peachy shade. It's a nice flesh tone that still retains it's jelly-translucency. This one seems to be the least opaque but I like the effect. This is three coats.
OPI - Barre My Soul

Next is Care to Danse?, which I always say with a fancy-pants accent in my head. It's a lilac tinted sheer that pulls more milky pink on the nail. This is three coats.
OPI - Care to Danse?

Here is You Callin' Me a Lyre? I was confused when I heard the name of this one, not knowing what a lyre has to do with ballet off the top of my head. I found out it is a symbol representing NYCB. This is a sheer baby pink, very femme and bridal. This is three coats.
OPI - You Callin' Me a Lyre?

My Pointe Exactly is a baby grey jelly, which is really unique and beautiful. I don't think I have another polish quite like this one. Three coats here as well.
OPI - My Pointe Exactly

Don't Touch My Tutu! is a sheer bright white jelly. I really like this color, it's very flattering. There are plenty of white sheers out there, but this one seems to have more pigment and a better formula than most. This is also three coats.
OPI - Don't Touch My Tutu!

And the pièce de résistance of the collection, glitter topcoat Pirouette My Whistle. Terrible name haha, but absolutely beautiful glitter. It is similar to Nubar's White Polka Dot, the big hex glitter pieces are satin finish light grey/opal/white and it has tons of silver microglitter that makes this extra twinkly. Here is two coats by itself.
OPI - Pirouette My Whistle

I also layered one coat of Pirouette My Whistle over Don't Touch My Tutu!. I love how ethereal and dainty this looks!
OPI - Pirouette My Whistle over Don't Touch My Tutu!

I am super impressed with the formula on these, they are all fantastic. You could get away with one coat even if you like, the streaks issue is almost non-existent. These should be out officially in April. Let me know what you think about these pretties!

Products provided for review.
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