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Friday, June 8, 2012

China Glaze Summer Neons Collection 2012

YAY! Neons!! I've been waiting for neon season FOREVER this year haha :) Honestly, 2012 has flown by and I am so glad to see summer and the electric glow of lots and lots of neon nail polish! China Glaze has a big collection of neons this summer, aptly called Summer Neons. The collection has "12 new sizzling shades perfect for surf, sand and nightlife."

First up and my absolute favorite of the bunch, Pink Plumeria. It's a warm slightly-coral pink neon with gold shimmer. Ugh, I DIE. This is freaking fabulous. Ultra smooth formula, wonderful shimmer and just a gorgeous color. Two coats, also these all are swatched with topcoat because neons dry matte/satin.

Sun-Kissed is a baller yellow, neon freaking highlighter pen yellow with shimmer. By far the best looking and easiest formula of any neon yellow I've ever used. Two coats.

This is a really fantastic polish, Surfin' for Boys. The color is magnificent and hard to describe, I'd say it's a red coral with pink shimmer. This is so glowy and rich! This is two coats.

I'm with the Lifeguard is a lime-o-licious green shimmer neon. Uh, this is awesome. I showed you another lime green not too long ago that I'm totally enamored with, Limonyte, and this one almost gives it a run for the money. Really bright and beautiful and perfect for summer. Two coats.

Oh wow. I'm just so in love with these neons! Another kinda coral, this one is more orange tinted. Flirty Tankini is very saturated and really pretty. The shimmer is really hot, there is pink, orange and coral glimmer.

This is a non-shimmer, one of two in the collection. Ride the Waves is a bright, but not really neon, ocean blue jelly. I do like it, but it took a few more coats than I wanted to do and it looked sheerer on the tips than I liked. That could be fixed by wrapping the tips, but I can't do that without making a damn mess and for some reason I always get more chips when I do. *whew* Anyway, this is four coats.

Love's a Beach is a hot pink neon with glowy pink almost purple shimmer. I like how dark this is, makes it a little different than the neon pinks I already have. And if you didn't know, I have more "pinks" than any other color in my collection! This is two coats.

Ooh, I wasn't sure I was going to like this but I really ended up loving it. Beach Cruise-r is a fuchsia purple with soft shimmer. It reminds me a little of China Glaze Fly but it's pinker toned. I like this better too, it's more flattering on my skin tone. This is two coats.

Whoa I really love this one, Splish Splash is so cute and probably the best nail polish name I've heard from a major company in a while haha. This is a bright candy blue with loads of aqua blue shimmer. It's not really a neon, but close to it. Two coats.

Hang-Ten Toes is a great polish but will be forever a blemish in my mind because I dropped my bottle on my carpet and polish went everywhere! It was honestly my first polish spill *knock on wood* and it was brutal to clean. Lots and lots of acetone was wasted :( Back to the polish, this is a lighter and more blue toned pink than the others in the bunch. It's got blueish shimmer in it too so you get a flash of it. Two coats.

Orange You Hot? shouldn't have a question mark behind it because there is NO question that this is one scorching neon! This is almost a papaya mango type of orange, more yellow toned than I normally see. The gold shimmer in it makes it even more fab. Two coats.

And last is Under the Boardwalk, a bright magenta purple jelly. This also has no shimmer and isn't really a neon, but it's lovely. It's described as "fluorescent raspberry" and I think that's fitting if you're thinking about radioactive fruit candy haha. This is three coats.

I have so much love for this collection. I'm almost blown away by every shade, except for maybe two. Summerlicious! You should be able to find these at Sally Beauty and online retailers. Any favorites?

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