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Monday, June 4, 2012

More Rescue Beauty Lounge Pretties!

Hiiii kiddos! How was your Monday? Hopefully good :) I have two more Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes to show you, and they are both sexy as hell!

First is Killa Red, a sexy deep blue toned red crimson that screams sexpot. Very shiny and devilish. creator Ji Baek describes it as the red worn by those dangerous blondes in Hitchcock films (as they reach for their guns hidden in slim Kelly-green alligator clutches). This is two coats.

Here is a polish that I wasn't sure I was going to get, I mean we've all seen black polish with red glitter right? Did I need another one? China Glaze Lubu Heels, Piggy Polish Midnight Fireflies, Eyeko Vampira, and so on and so forth. Well I'll tell you, Black Russian is definitely different than I imagined, much more complex and glowy and certainly not the same polish as those I mentioned before! The black base is almost milky, it's so crazy if you can imagine black milk, with gallons of ruby shimmer and buckets of red sparkles that glow like embers. I mean, this is some sophisticated grown up goth goodness! Two coats here.

I had to show a bottle shot indoors, you can really feel the depth :)

As always, you can buy these online at for $18. P.S. get ready for the RBL Pre-Order Event, coming soon!

Products provided for review.
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