Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Nicole by OPI Shades for 2012

Today I want to show you four new Nicole by OPI nail polishes that came out for 2012. They aren't exclusive to any stores, just new additions to the current line.

Vio-Lets Talk About Red is a shimmery thin magenta with red and blue microshimmer. This reminds me of OPI's Miss Congeniality from the Miss Universe collection, maybe a tad brighter? This is two coats. Great formula and though not terribly unique, still lovely.

Shoot For The Maroon is a dark almost brown tinged purple with duochrome shimmer. This is not my favorite polish. It's a little too muddy looking. Makes me think of Nicole Sounds Grape to Me, but more purple toned. This is two coats.

A Lit-Teal Bit of Love is an electric teal blue, reminicient of OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It! also from the Miss Universe collection. I wasn't terribly impressed with this one, the texture is too metallic to get it really smooth. This is two coats.

A Million Sparkles is the stunner of the group, a glitter bomb! The main type of glitter is a tealish blue small round glitter, then there is thin small tealish blue bar glitter, medium-small pale goldish hex glitter, and larger pale pinky bar glitter. This is an interesting combo of glitters, very cool of Nicole. I personally think this would benefit to having brighter colors *shrug* This is four coats.

Here is A Million Sparkles layered over A Lit-Teal Bit of Love. These two work well together. The color of the glitter blends into the blue background seemlessly. I am impressed by the creativity the OPI/Nicole brands have taken the last year or so, never thought I'd see something this funky from a big brand like them. This is three coats of glitter over two coats of color.

These are available for $7.99 each in the U.S. at CVS, Harmon, HEB, Rite Aid, Sears, Stage Stores, Target, ULTA, and Walmart, as well as online at,,, and In Canada, lacquers will be retailed for $10.99 each at Jean Coutu, Loblaw, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Walmart Canada. Do you have any of these new Nicoles? What do you think of them?

Products provided for review.


  1. Vio-Lets Talk About Red is gorgeous, it's sherbet-like, lovely!

  2. The only one I like is Shoot for the Maroon, the only one you don't like lol! It looks very sumptuous and autumnal. Wrong time of year for it, but I'd love it in October/November. x

  3. A million sparkles came out in winter I thought? How weird. I love it though :)

  4. Ahh gosh I'm such a sucker for pretty glitters the bottom one is GORGEOUS!

    Jazz x

  5. Good review as usual. I right off thought of the OPI Ms. Univ. collection for those 2 before I even read your descriptions. Being a fan of magenta, I think this one by Nicole has a tish more visible blue coming out in Vio-Lets Talk About Red vs. Miss Congeniality - might be your macro photo catching that part of this one more than my naked eyeball. I am going through a total too much glitter saturation phase so my eye and hand never are reaching for glitter polishes. I tire of them in less than a day on and the struggle to get them off - ugh. I am liking either a cleaner look or clearer look than all the 'stuff' a glitter lays on...but I know I am either ahead of the curve or in a field of my own on that one!

  6. Vio-Lets Talk About Red looks like CG Flying Dragon Neon, somehow

  7. Shoot For The Maroon looks like the prettiest to me!

  8. A Million Sparkles looks wonderful. It's on my Wishlist now! :)


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