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Friday, February 18, 2011

OPI Texas Collection: The Sorbets

I've been anticipating the release of the OPI Texas collection since I first saw the promo images. I love the model's look and the theme! I am a western cowgirl at heart and even though I've never been to Texas, I think this collection did the state a solid because it's amazing.
The Texas collection brings us a technically new nail polish finish from OPI, they're calling the "sorbet" finish. In my head the shiny gel-like translucent consistency will always be the "jelly" look but I have to hand it to OPI because these are SUPER jellies! I've always enjoyed that type of polish, they look squishy and candy-like. OPI has put a nice spin on it because sorbet sounds decadent, delicious, summery, and delightful. *tips my hat to the marketing team* What I loved about the jellies (6 out of the 12 in the collection) is that they are remarkably shiny and easy to apply. A lot of jelly polishes that I currently own are shiny but still require a top coat to make them really pop. I know I could easily get away with not wearing a top coat, which is super rare for me. This is coupled with the fact that the jellies all dry ridiculously fast! What's not to love?!

Y'all Come Back Ya Hear? is a succulent orange sorbet polish that makes my mouth water. Literally wanted to chomp on my fingers a bit because this color looks so fruity and delicious! This is three coats.
Guy Meets Gal-veston was the one polish I decided I HAD to have from this collection before I even saw any real swatches of it. I was not disappointed, my coral obsession was nursed with this stunning sorbet lacquer. Three coats.
Houston We Have a Purple is really pretty, a magenta purple sorbet that wraps your tips in summer. I currently have this on my toes, it's a gorgeous pedicure color! This is two coats for a more translucent look.
Big Hair...Big Nails is a fab warm pinky orangey lacquer, really cute name and gorgeous polish. I can't get over how easy these were to work with, some jellies (*cough* Milani Rad Purple *cough*) like this can be uber streaky and hard to get even, but these sorbets are truly idiot-proof. This is three coats.
Do You Think I'm Tex-y? is a bright candy pink shade. The names of OPI polishes always make me roll my eyes a bit but at least they are fun and memorable, I definitely couldn't come up with them haha. This is two coats of girly goodness.
Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em is definitely a hot pink, scorching hot fuchsia! I wore this as a full mani and I just couldn't believe how shiny my nails were, because for the first time in I don't know how long I didn't use a top coat. This is a color that means business and I got compliments on my nails the whole day I wore this.  Three coats.
So what's your take on the first part of the Texas collection? Like it, love it, or gotta have it? I kind of enjoy when a collection has similar colors in different tints, so no matter what skin tone you have chances are that you'll find one that works for you. Stay tuned for part 2, the shimmers and crèmes!

P.S. Check out my friend Sarah's blog, Them Pretty Colors! I have a guest blogger post on her website today!


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