Wednesday, June 1, 2011

China Glaze Drinkin' My Blues Away

We all have lemmings. There are polishes we see on blogs and fingers of those we admire that we covet but fear we may never own ourselves. It is an ache for beauty deep in the pit of our souls. Drinkin' My Blues Away was a lemming like that for me. I NEEDED this polish. It was like I needed to hear a sweet symphony wafting on the breeze. I longed to taste the blissful sin of rich chocolate or see a masterpiece painting in a museum. Sometimes you just CRAVE splendor with voraciousness you can't explain! Ok, ok, I may be sounding a little dramatic, but for real y'all, that is how bad I wanted this polish.

I received this in a blog sale from my unparalleled and inimitable friend Ange. It is a mini from the Tequila Toes collection circa 2006. I really like mini China Glaze bottles, they are to die for adorable and the brush reminds me of Chanels'. (HINT, HINT, make more please!) The blue is deep like the ocean, the formula is a sultry jelly glass fleck, buildable in three coats. It ends up looks very watery, so on point with summer. I love how the shimmer reflects blue, pink, and mostly purple!
I wore this mani for a week straight. Un-freakin-heard of! I couldn't bare to take it off! And oh yeah, these photos were taken three days after I applied it. Yeah, the old formulas rocked *le sigh*. 

I think China Glaze tried to evoke some nostalgia with this year's summer collection on a couple shades, especially in Blue Iguana and Cha Cha Cha. You just can't fix what ain't broke, though. This baby will be my precious. And I will hug him, and squeeze him and call him my own.
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