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Friday, March 20, 2015

Color Club Love Tahiry Collection Swatches & Review

Hi folks! Today I wanted to share with you the Love Tahiry collection from Color Club. This wasn't specifically described as a Valentine's Day collection but it definitely has those types of shades. These are all designed by Tahiry Jose, who I just learned is on the reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York (sorry, I don't watch it). These all have a special scent to them when they dry. Let's take a look shall we?

First is Sweet Getaway, a very neon pink shade. On the nails it appears hotter & glowy-er than the pink color in the bottle. It seems to go on very opaque, but there was still some streaking with two coats so I needed three. It does apply very easily for such a neon color though. This one has a "pink rose" scent. I love rose scented things normally, but unfortunately this scent was too overwhelming for me to want to wear this again.
Color Club Sweet Getaway Love Tahiry

Here we have Tall Dark & Handsome, a dusty deep grey crème. It has a thin formula but is very opaque. I used two coats. This scent is described as "cologne" and that is right on. I like men's scents but I don't know if I want my nails to smell super masculine haha. It was a bit too strong for me.
Color Club Tall Dark & Handsome Love Tahiry

Seal It With a Kiss is a strawberry scented peachy pink light coral crème. This is so my type of color. It was a little on the thick side but manageable. I used two coats. This scent was pretty subtle, but nice and sweet.
Color Club Seal It With a Kiss Love Tahiry

This is 50 Shades of Love, a topper with metallic red and pearl white heart glitters in a clear(ish) base. You can see how the color on the red hearts has flaked off some and infiltrated the base. I actually like how the red bits look in the base but I wish the hearts didn't look scratched. I had to kinda place the hearts on, but this is one coat over Seal It With a Kiss. This one says it smells like "candy" but it's a very lightly scented one.
Color Club 50 Shades of Love Love Tahiry

Next is Red-Handed, a cool red crème. This is pretty basic, but a staple kind of shade. It had a great easy to apply formula. This is two coats. It's labeled as smelling like "cinnamon" but I didn't smell anything except nail polish on this one.
Color Club Red-Handed Love Tahiry

This is On Cloud Nine, a squishy white jelly crème. It was still a bit streaky on two coats so I used three. This has a "white chocolate" scent, it was probably my favorite of the scents.
Color Club On Cloud Nine Love Tahiry

And last is Jitters, my favorite shade of the collection with my least favorite scent. It's a rosy pink and silver holographic microglitter with full coverage in two easy coats. I love the way it looks! Unfortunately the "bubbly" scent they put in it, which I'm assuming is supposed to smell like champagne, just overpowers me and it actually gave me a headache. To be fair, I'm pretty sensitive to a lot of scents, but I had to mention it.
Color Club Jitters Love Tahiry

These are available on the Color Club website for $8.50 each. I also know they are stocked at some e-tailers like Llarowe and HB Beauty Bar (though I have never ordered from HB). What do you think of these colors? How do you feel about scented nail polish?

Have a fly day!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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