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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Zoya Spring 2015 Delight Collection Swatches & Review

Hey folks, today I wanted to show you the Zoya Spring collection called Delight. It's a six shade collection of pastel-ish "eastery" shades that are right at home in this season. There are three crèmes and three shimmery shades that compliment each other really well. Let's find out how they worked for me!

This is Daisy, described as a lemon yellow metallic shimmer with a turquoise flash. I like this color, but the formula was pretty streaky. It's kinda runny which made it pool in my cuticles more than once and when I did clean up around the edges, the teeny shimmery glitter bits went all over my skin. It took a lot to get them off :( This is three coats.

Next we have Eden, a floral-like pink crème. This one was creamy but didn't self-level for me, which isn't my favorite thing. This is two coats.
Zoya Eden Delight collection

This gal is called Leslie, she's a lavender metallic shimmer with a turquoise flash. I normally love lavenders so this one was an automatic winner in the color department for me. It was creamier than Daisy but still on the runny side. This is two coats.
Zoya Leslie Delight collection

Lillian is a pastel aqua blue crème. Same formula as Eden, but I ended up needing three coats to cover streaks. I love this color but was disappointed in the formula.
Zoya Lillian Delight collection

Here is Rayne, a really fabulous dewy spring blue metallic shimmer with a turquoise flash. This would be my favorite but the runny formula just is not working for me on these. Three coats.
Zoya Rayne Delight collection

Last is Tiana, a pistachio spring baby green crème. I got this covered in two coats, but it was also non self-leveling, making application more difficult than it had to be. Gorgeous color though right?
Zoya Tiana Delight collection

I know pastels are pretty commonly hard to get great formulas with, but I am just not impressed with the usability of these. However, I've heard from a lot of my fellow polish lovers that most of these worked out well for them, so it could just be me haha.

These are available for purchase on for $9 each. They are also being offered in mini bottles right now for $5 each, though I don't know for how long. What do you think of these springy shades? Spring might be my least favorite season for color palettes, but I know a lot of people adore them.

Ta ta for now!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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