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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SuperChic Lacquer Serendipity Collection Swatches & Review

Hi kittens! Today I have a new collection from SuperChic Lacquer to show ya! It's called the Serendipity collection and it consists of eight new "dewy day-glow" neon pastels and one holographic top coat. I swatched each color and, since they dry semi-matte, used a shiny top coat, then layered two coats of the holo over my ring fingernail. The crèmes all had similar formulas so I'll discuss that toward the end. They all make me look super tan too so I thought I'd mention that ;)

First up is Cause & Effect, described as a "stunning cross between a tangy tangerine and pink grapefruit". Indoors this looked completely orange to me, but in bright light it does have more of a pink tone than I thought. Love this! I applied the holo tc a little unevenly as you can see, but I didn't notice until I went to edit these photos :(
SuperChic Lacquer Cause & Effect

Crystal Blue Persuasion is a "heavenly ethereal crystal blue". Sky blues look good on everyone. So you need this!
SuperChic Lacquer Crystal Blue Persuasion

Next we have Dumb Luck, a "jaw-dropping most incredible retro green". Uh, this is right on, so retro and I love it!
SuperChic Lacquer Dumb Luck

This is Happenstance, an "over-the-top hot popping bubblegum pink". It seems to have more of a slight purple tone on the nail than it does in the bottle. It's just adorable, reminds me of cupcakes.
SuperChic Lacquer Happenstance

Here comes Law of Nature, a "lush citrusy lemon yellow". Pastel yellows are hard to do well usually, but this one is pretty painless! Yellow is such a happy color :)
SuperChic Lacquer Law of Nature

Nothing Ventured is not a neon, it's a "sultry silvery light to medium gray". At first I would've told you that joint don't belong in this collection, but I just don't care! It's awesome and way prettier on than I expected.
SuperChic Lacquer Nothing Ventured

This gal is Pleasant Surprise, a "most luscious retro teal blue". Another retro color?! Yes please! I imagine if I lived in the 50's this would be the color of a lot of my kitchen appliances.
SuperChic Lacquer Pleasant Surprise

Synchronicity is the last of the crèmes and it might just be my favorite. It's more low key than the others in terms of neon-icity but it's still quite bright. It's described as "an amazing electrified grape". Everyone needs this.
SuperChic Lacquer Synchronicity

All of these apply mostly the same, they are semi-matte so they dry quickly. They have a thin formula which could make for some streaky-ness. You'll need two coats, possibly three depending on your application. I used two coats for all of them except for the yellow & orange, which needed three. There is a pearly shimmer to them all (hence, the dewy moniker) that subtly twinkles when they are in their matte state, but really pops out with top coat. One layer of the holographic top coat might be a better way to go when layering, as it does get a little grey on some of them at two, but it looked good on all of them. My favorite holo + color combo is with Pleasant Surprise.

Ride The Neon Rainbow is meant to be a layering top coat, but I wanted to try it on its own for kicks. It totally works! It looks brilliant and very blingy. It's thin but easy to work with. If you want complete and total opacity you might use one more coat, but it looked good to me at three.
SuperChic Lacquer Ride the Neon Rainbow

This collection is the collaborative brainchild of owner Jennifer and YouTuber JessFACE90, so please go check out her video review of these colors and give her some love if you like this collection! These will be available for purchase today on the SuperChic Lacquer - Wonder Beauty Products Etsy store at 4pm PST for $10 each. What do you think of these Spring shades?

It's a good day to have a good day ;)

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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