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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Guest Post by Love Varnish: Floral Mustard

Please enjoy the following post from my friend Deborah!

Hi loves! Woah, how cool, I'm guestposting for one of my favorite nail girls ^^. My name is Deborah and I blog over at Love Varnish. I've been following Kellie for a long time now, and I have always loved her perfect nails and gorgeous pictures. So yeah, I was excited when she asked me to guestpost!

Today I am sharing a stampicure with all of you. I know Kellie likes "the uglies" as well, so how could I not use this murky, mustard like shade from El Corazon as my base? I used 2 coats of it and while it dried, I painted on my Color4Nails Crystalline Nail Veil to protect my skin while stamping. It's really neat how you can brush on this barrier, let it dry, do your thing and then peel off most of the mess :-).

I stamped with my favorite stamping image (if you follow my blog you might find this look boring lol) from the MoYou London Pro XL 06 plate, the first round using Konad White and the second round using Cirque Colors Memento Mori. All I needed after that was a layer of topcoat and I was done!

Thanks for asking me to guestpost Kellie, this look might not be my most original but I hope you can appreciate the chosen basecolor ;-).

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Deborah has become one of my absolute besties via internet and I cannot praise her talent enough, she's magic.

❤ Kellie
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