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Thursday, April 9, 2015

China Glaze Road Trip Collection Travel Sized Swatches & Review

Hey! I'm back from vacation and still kinda exhausted haha, but I had a good time. I have a mini version of the China Glaze Road Trip collection to show you today! The collection has twelve shades all together, but I found this set called "Travel Sized" with six of the colors in a "micro mini" size for sale so I purchased it. I wasn't sure if I needed the entire collection, so this was a nice compromise for me.
China Glaze Road Trip Collection Travel Sized
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I Brake For Colour is a bright orangey coraly red crème. My brush had a lot of wonky bristles so it was difficult to put on, but under regular circumstances I'm sure the formula would've been great. I used three coats here but you'd probably only need two with a non-messed up brush.
China Glaze I Brake for Colour Road Trip Collection

This is Dashboard Dreamer, a powder blue crelly with coppery pink shimmer. This one was streaky and patchy, but it's so pretty I almost don't care haha! This is three coats.
China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer Road Trip Collection

Next is Pinking Out The Window, a bright salmon crème. This one was a little streaky and thick. Three coats here.
China Glaze Pinking Out The Window Road Trip Collection

Now Boho Blues is a must have for sure, a soft periwinkle blue jelly crème (more crème than jelly). It's got a pretty good formula, but this was another one where the brush was all wonky so it was more challenging. This is three coats, but with a normal brush I'm sure you could make do with only two.
China Glaze Boho Blues Road Trip Collection

My Way Or The Highway is a green-y tealish turquoise jelly crème. I love shades like this. It's fabulous and very shiny, pretty good formula. Two coats.
China Glaze My Way Or The Highway Road Trip Collection

And last is Trip Of A Lime Time, which is the shade I was least in love with in seeing promo shots for this collection, but in real life it's pretty cool. Chartreuse is a hard color to pull off, but this is almost kinda delicate which makes it prettier to me. It is a jelly crème and was on the streaky side, so I needed three coats.
China Glaze Trip Of A Lime Time Road Trip Collection

I purchased this set of minis from for $12. I love that these were offered in a mini size, but I think I prefer their regular minis sized at 0.325 fl oz  instead of these micro mini bottles at 0.125 fl oz, just for ease of application. Especially considering two of the bottles had bad brushes in them. I honestly probably would've returned them if I hadn't purchased these online and/or had an Ulta near me. Did you pick up any of the colors from this collection? If so, what was your favorite?

See ya later!

❤ Kellie
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