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Thursday, April 16, 2015

#TBT: My Favorite Black Label OPIs Part 1

It's #ThrowbackThursday time! I'm doing a nice little collaboration with one of my favorite Canadian nail gals, Karen aka manigeek from the beauty blog beautygeeks :) She does the nail posts on the blog and her sister Janine is the main beauty author. Her nails are incredible and I'm so jealous of her application skills. We both love older, vintage nail polish so we decided to cross-post our favorite "black label" OPIs in a few installments, hence the part 1 in the title.

A black label OPI is a polish from before mid-2006, when they still had the "Big 3" chemicals in their formula. The labels were changed from black to green lettering after the change. I believe only dibutyl phthalate was taken out first, then the others left later (source). Although the new OPIs from 2015 are back to black lettering, go figure. The older polishes do not have the pro-wide brush either, it's thinner and round. I think most of the formulas are much thinner too due the chemicals, but I actually love them because they all seemed to stay on the nails much longer. Bring back the stinky poisons! (Kidding...mostly.)

My first favorite BLOPI is At Your Quebec & Call from the 2004 Canadian collection (a little nod to Karen too, eh?). It is a metallic swampy olive green with sort of a gold shimmery duochrome. It looks like a blackened gold in certain lights and almost not green at all, which is crazy cool. This is stunning and such a perfect color to me. I can't remember exactly where I bought this from, might've been a blog sale or ebay haha, but I've had it for a long time and I am just head over heels.
OPI At Your Quebec & Call
OPI At Your Quebec & Call

This is Apricotcha Cheating from the 2003 Las Vegas collection. It's a soft peachy orange jelly crème, shiny and so spring-y. I had this polish on my wishlist for a long time before I found it, and when I did it was in a nail salon that did not want to sell it to me. I had to do some serious begging and pleading to get them to finally agree to let me purchase it haha, maybe because it was basically completely full, I don't know. But I am so glad I have it because I really love it. This is three coats.
OPI Apricotcha Cheating
OPI Apricotcha Cheating label

Please check out Karen's post on her first two favorite black label OPIs HERE, seriously you'll fall in love with her nails! We are both doing 10 BLOPIs each, consequently there will be four more installments of this series so stay tuned next week for another #ThrowbackThursday! What do you think of these colors? Do you have any cool vintage polishes that you love?

We'll see ya soon!

❤ Kellie
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