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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Color Club Spring 2015 Shift Into Neutral Collection Swatches & Review

Greetings friends! I am doing really well today, in case you read my previous post about my sick kitty, he's doing much, much better! Yay for healthy fur babies! I have a collection from Color Club called Shift Into Neutral to show you today. It's a gathering of seven neutrals, that actually would be great for palette cleansers with all the neons that are coming out for this summer. I'll give you a hint now, I love them.

First is Barely There, a nudey beige crelly. Fabulous formula and opaque in two coats, which was surprising for this type of finish. This might be my new go-to nude shade!
Color Club Barely There Shift Into Neutral Collection

Blank Canvas is a squishy white crelly. It's not stark white, more on the soft marshmallowy side. It's not streaky, surprisingly, but I did need three coats for complete opacity. You could do two if you don't mind your nail line showing. I didn't really need another white polish, but I ended up liking this a lot and I'm glad I have it.
Color Club Blank Canvas Shift Into Neutral Collection

This gal is Blush Crush, a milky, very pale pink crelly. This is more jelly-ish than the others, making it more sheer. It was still looking a little streaky on three coats and you can definitely see my nail line, but it was getting a little thick so I didn't do another coat. This isn't my favorite.
Color Club Blush Crush Shift Into Neutral Collection

Next is Get a Mauve On It, a tan-ish muted mauve jelly crème. This is more of a brown toned mauve rather than a pink or purple like most I own. I think this is a great neutral. It reminds me of Zoya Bridgette but less pink. Great formula, great opacity, two coats.
Color Club Get a Mauve On It Shift Into Neutral Collection

Midnight Mulberry is a plummy dusty purple jelly crème. This is darker than I expected to see in a Spring collection, but it somehow fits in well. This also had a fabulous formula, I used two coats here.
Color Club Midnight Mulberry Shift Into Neutral Collection

And here we have New-tral, a soft dusty putty pink crème. This was a surprise favorite for me, a perfect girly fresh color. It's one of those pale shades that make me look really tan and ya gotta love that haha! Amazing coverage, almost a one coater. This is two. I can see myself wearing this a lot.
Color Club New-tral Shift Into Neutral Collection

Last we have Sweet Mint, my second favorite of the collection. It's a soft pale warm mint green with some hidden icy shimmer. I love this and it's actually different than any other green mint that I have in my collection which is awesome. This is two coats.
Color Club Sweet Mint Shift Into Neutral Collection

These are available on the Color Club website for $8.50 each. I also know they are stocked at some e-tailers like Head2ToeBeauty and HB Beauty Bar (though I have never ordered from HB). I really enjoyed this collection, it's a great gathering of soft work appropriate colors and there is only one I would skip (Blush Crush). What do you think of these gorgeous soft neutrals?

Have a great day loves!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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