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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2015 Soap Box Subscription Review - Old Hollywood

Hi friends! Today I have the awesome new Fortune Cookie Soap subscription box for Fall 2015 to share with you! The theme is Old Hollywood, which is super awesome. I have always loved vintage Hollywood glam style!

This quarterly subscription box contains sample sizes of bath and body products in the different scents that will be available during their big collection launch near the end of August. It's a fun way to try out the new scents before you can buy them in all the products. Let's get to sniffing shall we?
I left this big so you can read it, just click to enlarge!

First is the Fortune Cookie Soap in the scent Dressed to Kill - "Dribbles of mulled, red wine, swirled with dark, rich vanilla and cut apples, and a dusting of spice." This scent is very fall-like, a little heavy on the wine for me but I'm sure it will be well received by most. Their cookies are always cute, I like to use them as hand soap on my sink. My fortune read: "Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me, aren't you?" - The Graduate 1967.
Fortune Cookie Soap - Dressed to Kill

Next is the OCD Hand Sanitizer in the scent Glitz & Glamour - "Wet moss, polished woods, creamy vanilla." This is epic-ly good. It smells just kinda like alcohol sanitizer at first, but when you put it on it dries down so you can smell the soft woods and lots of vanilla. I adore it! It is a great scent carrier, I think their hand sanitizer leaves scent on my skin the strongest and for the longest time. This one has little bits of gold mica in it but it doesn't really show up on the skin, which in my opinion is a good thing.
Fortune Cookie Soap OCD Hand Sanitizer - Glitz & Glamour

The Whipped Cream (whipped body lotion) scent is called Tommy Guns & Baseball Bats - "Grandma's hot apple pie, dusted with freshly shaved cinnamon, nutmeg and warm brown sugar, topped with rich, creamy marshmallow fluff." This is so good. Seriously, I want to eat this stuff. The marshmallow is most prevalent to me, but I get the brown sugar a lot too. The FCS whipped cream is a holy grail product in general for me, it's my favorite lotion of all time.
Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream - Tommy Guns & Baseball Bats

Scandal is the scent of the Bath Powder - "Creaking woods, wind blown leaves, and twisted rose thorns. Add entire bag to bath...enjoy" This stuff is also amazing, it reminds me a lot of the Leaves scent from Bath & Body Works without so much apple. I am excited to try this stuff on a chilly day when I can take a nice long, relaxing bath. And I definitely need to get this scent in a whipped cream!
Fortune Cookie Soap Bath Powder - Scandal

Another winner is Pearls & Girls in a Perfume Oil, which comes in a little decorative purse spray container - "Crushed and distilled vanilla creeping with wild jasmine and a splash of juicy pear." I love how the scent notes in this combine to a perfect feminine, light but sexy aroma. The pear is heavy at first and the jasmine and vanilla show up more on dry down. I am a big fan of the purse spray bottle! So cute and no leaks!
Fortune Cookie Soap Perfume Oil - Pearls & Girls

They are giving us a solid Shampoo Bar in the scent Hollywood Dreams in this box - "Brown sugar dusted graham crackers, fresh churned apple butter, sprinkled with nuts and a hint of maple." I have temperamental curly hair so I don't use products with silicones or sulfates, but I almost wish I did because this smells sooo good! It's really just like a spicy and sweet fall dessert, yum. I know lots of people swear by the FCS solid shampoo, so if you're looking to try one definitely give this one a whirl.
Fortune Cookie Soap Shampoo Bar - Hollywood Dreams

A new product from FCS is a hair pomade in the scent American Royalty - "Rose milk, thick honey and warming tobacco blossom wrapped with caramel and notes of mandarin." I've never used a pomade but I am interested in learning how to use one now haha! This has a lavish, decadent bouquet that screams luxury. I need it in a perfume oil for sure, because I'm a baller and this smells like RICH.
Fortune Cookie Soap Pomade - American Royalty

I've recently gotten really into melting wax tarts so I'm glad we got one in this box! It's in the scent Famous - "Warm amber, wild orchid, fluttering white cotton, sundried herbs." This is such a cute little guy! I could do without the glitter, but it's really adorable. This smells quite sweet, not what I was expecting, reminds me of wintery candy kind of. I'm excited to melt it and get the full scent experience!
Fortune Cookie Soap Wax Tart - Famous

As of right now the subscription is still available to purchase on their website, but they sell out quickly so be sure to go sign up! It is $19.99 every 3-months for the US, Canadian and International subscriptions are a little more with shipping. A huge bonus is with every box, they give you a free $10 off code to use on their site later, so it really costs half as much!

A special treat if you are ordering for the first time, you can get $5 off a minimum order of $30 using my referral link: You must using the special coupon code the website shows you to get the $5 off. (I only get points if you use the link, not money. :) )

The launch for the Old Hollywood scent collection is on August 21st at 6pm CST. They do a live webcast with the owners and reveal all the products they will have available in the various scents. They also usually do giveaways via their facebook page during the launch! After the webcast they open the website for shopping, yay! If you want to sign up for the subscription box or see their other products, visit Let me know what you think of the selection for this box and what you think would be your favorite scent! See you again soon!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review. Some of the links above are affiliates.
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