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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Takko Lacquer Summer 2015 Collection Swatches & Review

What's up you crazy kids? I'm doing a lot better this week and things are looking up. I'm trying to stay positive and it's helped my stress level for sure. It's nice to blog honestly to keep my mind off other things, so I am thankful to have you as an audience to write for. Today I have the summer collection from Takko Lacquer to show you!

First up is Afternoon Delight, a soft peachy pink coral with green to gold iridescent shimmer. This was a little thick, but not difficult. This is two coats. This is such a "me" shade, I love it!
Takko Lacquer Afternoon Delight

Birthday Suit is a light taupe nude with golden shimmer and delicate holographic throughout the base. Easy to use and opaque in two coats.
Takko Lacquer Birthday Suit

This is Constellations, a navy blue jelly with actual silver flakies. This is more sheer due to the base being a jelly, but I got it opaque in three coats. I would recommend wrapping your tips so you don't see any white free edge. I love the silver flakies in this, very reminiscent of stars in the sky!
Takko Lacquer Constellations

Electric Flamingo is a neon pink with green/orange flakies. I was floored by this, so pretty and it practically painted itself on. Two coats. It's a jelly, so you can see a bit of nail line but I don't think it's enough that you'd need another coat. And in real life you can definitely see the different colors in the flakies, my camera just didn't want to pick that up.
Takko Lacquer Electric Flamingo

Next is El Nopal, a crelly cactus green with green/gold flakies. Another winner, just like Flamingo but in a delicious green and a bit more opaque. So pretty and covers in two coats. Same note on the flakies, they're definitely two-toned in real life.
Takko Lacquer El Nopal

Floridazed is a lush turquoise with pink shimmer. This is one of my favorite color combinations! This guy was a bit thinner than the rest, but two coats ended up being all I needed. It dries very quickly and more matte than the rest. All Takko Lacquers dry matte to satin due to the mineral pigments and Vitamin E they use in their formula so a top coat is a must for a shiny finish.
Takko Lacquer Floridazed

And last we have Xocomil, a periwinkle purple with actual silver dust. I showed you this in my last post with a glitter layered over it. I am in love with periwinkle this year and this one is no exception. So pigmented and rich but still slightly muted, and that shimmer just takes it over the edge for me. Two easy coats. Dries a bit darker than it looks in the bottle.
Takko Lacquer Xocomil

This collection and the two new shades I reviewed in my last post will be available on their website for $13 each tonight 7/28 at 8 pm EST (USA). I hear they can sell out quickly so don't hesitate to pick these up if you are interested. What do you think of these pretty takkitos? Thanks for joining me today!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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