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Friday, July 3, 2015

ILNP Summer 2015 Collection Swatches & Review

Hi there friends! How are you doing? I'm down for the count with a real nasty summer cold, or possibly bronchitis, but I've still got swatches to show ya! Today I am bringing you the ILNP Summer 2015 collection. There are eleven shades of amazingness in this bunch. They also put out a nine shade collection of Ultra Holos I will be showing you next, so stay tuned!

First is Mega (X), the fourth incarnation of Mega in the ILNP family. This is labeled 'X' for "xtreme" holo because it has an extra large holographic pigment size. It was on the thin side; I used three coats here. I was basically blinded by this polish. A must-have for holo lovers because it's very obviously holographic even indoors. If you're interested, my friend Jess did a comparison on all four versions of Mega on her YouTube channel.
ILNP Mega (X)

Summer Crush is a bright hot pink crelly with holographic flake shimmer throughout. The shimmer really is quite rainbowy and doesn't appear just silver, which I love. Photos do not do this justice. You can still slightly see nail line at two coats, but I think that's all it needs personally. Dries just a tad satiny so use a top coat for shine.
ILNP Summer Crush

Next is Long Walks, a grey taupe with a nice hearthy warmth to it from bronzey shimmer and soft gold flakes, with a dose of holographic glitter particles. This polish is nicely subtle, classy, and oh so chic. Three coats with a slightly thin formula.
ILNP Long Walks

Super Juiced is a bright blurple crelly with gallons of pink shimmer. This is an awesome color and it is so vibrant! Two coats. Needs a top coat for maximum shine.
ILNP Super Juiced

Here comes Money Bin! This is a stunning gold holographic polish with added gold holo flakes. It's like your nails are made of doubloons! It has great coverage, opaque in two coats. The flakes can get messy upon removal, but it's worth it.
ILNP Money Bin

So Coral is a crazy bright neon coral crelly. It's more orange than the original China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, for comparison. This is an ultimate summer polish. It was streaky on the first two coats, I needed a third to even it out completely. I wouldn't even care if it needed another one, it's so gorgeous!
ILNP So Coral

Next is Harbour Island, a greeny blue teal jelly holographic. It is sheerer than a straight holo and can be worn over other polishes. I wanted to build it up, so here is three coats. It's still on the translucent side but very juicy looking.
ILNP Harbour Island

Kaleidoscope is another one of ILNP's ultrachrome metallic flakie polishes. This one is a combination of all the multichromes she's done, basically a rainbow of flakies. I wore one coat over Super Juiced. It has great glitter payoff so you can also build it up if you want.
ILNP Kaleidoscope

Pink Mimosa is another crazy holographic with holo flakies like Money Bin, this time it's coming to you in a pale rose pink. Awesome formula, two coats here. I am in love with this polish!
ILNP Pink Mimosa

Cameo is a multichrome polish that is kin to ILNP's metallic flake topper Neon Rosebud that I showed you a while ago. It shifts from a dark purpley rose to a bright greeny gold, and a few other places in between. Thin but easy to use. Three coats.
ILNP Cameo
ILNP Cameo

And last of this bunch is Shoreline, a soft aqua blue version of the holographic with holo flakies finish they did with Money Bin and Pink Mimosa. There is actually a purple version available too, from their Spring collection called Happily Ever After. This is two coats. It was hard to capture the flakes with my camera, but my friend Emily has some great shots of it, and the rest of the collection, here.
ILNP Shoreline

If you missed the presale for this collection, they will be back in stock on the ILNP website today! They are $10 per bottle, except Kaleidoscope & Cameo, which are $12.50 each. What do you think of this fun gathering of color for summer? My favorites are the foil flakie holos, but they're all quite lovely. Tell me your favorites!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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