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Friday, October 23, 2015

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Pet Names Collection Swatches & Review

The Well Meaning But Ultimately Quite Awkward Pet Names Collection might be one of the best, and longest, nail polish collection names of any that I've ever heard. Australian indie brand Pretty Serious Cosmetics always shows off their fabulous sense of humor in their artwork, color names, and shade stories, but they doubled down on the funny for this one. This collection is made up of five crèmes and one shimmer, all with adorable but gaggy sweet pet names. Let's have a look yeah?

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Sugar Cakes is a neon bubble-gummy pink crème that dries to a satin/matte finish. I used top coat to make it glossy. This is almost a one coater, a tiny bit thick but manageable. I did use two coats to completely even it out.
Pretty Serious Sugar Cakes

Honey Puff is a sunny honey bee yellow crème. I love yellows but usually find them difficult to use, however this one was surprisingly uncomplicated! A tiny bit watery but still very opaque which was a real treat for this type of shade. Two coats.
Pretty Serious Honey Puff

Snugglebutt is a bright but mid-toned purple, with a touch of blue to it. This had a thinner formula, might take three coats depending on your application but I only needed two. I seem to have acquired a few polishes in this tone of purple lately, must be on trend?
Pretty Serious Snugglebutt

Stud Muffin is a sexy warm, bright red crème with a great formula. I had no issues and it was opaque in two coats. Reds are not usually my favorite to wear as a full manicure, but I always like the look when I swatch them haha. Plus, that name is reason enough to get this one haha.
Pretty Serious Stud Muffin

Cuddle Bunny is the lone shade with a bit of shimmer in this bunch. It's an airy lavender with a touch of delicate silver shimmer. This one was thin, but not runny. And again, opaque in two coats! This ended up being lighter and more subdued than I was expecting from the promo shots, but I still like it.
Pretty Serious Cuddle Bunny

Pookie is a yummy turquoise/aqua blue crème bordering on a sky blue. It's one of those lovely in between shades I'm not quite sure how to describe, you just have to see it in person. Great buttery formula, two coats.
Pretty Serious Pookie

These aren't necessarily "fall colors", and they aren't labeled as limited editions so I think they'll be around for a while. (Especially since a few "goth" shades were just added to this category on their website!) Excellent colors for any occasion, good for nail art, etc. I'm partial to Pookie but I really do like them all. Unique or not, they have really good formulas and would be an asset to anyone's arsenal of paint. Available now on the Pretty Serious website for $9.95 AUD (around $7.18 USD) per 11ml bottle.

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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