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Friday, October 2, 2015

Different Dimension Halloween 2015 Anomalous-Phenomenon Collection Swatches & Review

Hiiii friends! How is your October going? Mine is going swell because I have another Halloween collection to share with you today! Indie brand Different Dimension has put out a six shade collection for the season called Anomalous-Phenomenon, which means "that which is not sufficiently explained by science or inferred knowledge". This collection is "dedicated to those who are always on the hunt for the unknown," which totally describes me! I am a firm believer in science and logic, but there's always more we don't know about the universe, amirite??

EMF (which stands for electromagnetic field) is a dark red jelly polish with holographic microglitter. The jelly mostly overtakes the glitter and gives us a deep look with some sparkly bits popping out, a red galaxy! This was on the thicker side but I found it a bit runny too. I would take care not to get too much on your brush and use thin coats. I used three.
Different Dimension EMF

Chasing Shadows is a dark violet jelly polish with holographic microglitter. This had a thinner formula than EMF, but was still a little runny. I only needed two coats on this one.
Different Dimension Chasing Shadows

Static Vision is a forest green jelly with holographic microglitter. This has a similar formula to EMF, thicker but a bit runny. This would be a great Halloween or Christmas polish in my opinion, love it! Three coats.
Different Dimension Static Vision

EVP (which stands for electronic voice phenomena) is a black jelly polish with holographic microglitter. This one was more thin and also a bit runny. It only required two coats for opacity though. I think this one dried a little grittier than the other, but one coat of top coat covered any texture completely.
Different Dimension EVP

Knock Once For Yes is a burnt orange (pumpkin spice!) with holographic microglitters. This one seemed the creamiest out of all the microglitters, maybe more of a crelly than a jelly base. Opaque on two coats.
Different Dimension Knock Once For Yes

Full Spectral is a white crelly polish with different sizes of hex and dot glitters in black, neon yellow, purple, orange, and green. I found the formula on this to be pretty easy going and typical of a glitter-full crelly, kinda sheer on the first coat but built up nicely in three thin coats.
Different Dimension Full Spectral

These are being released tonight, Friday, October 2nd at 9pm EST on the Different Dimension website. The microglitters are priced at $8.75 each while the crelly Full Spectral will be specially priced at $5! How do you like these spooky shades?? I'm in love with them all, but the red and orange are my favorites!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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