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Monday, October 19, 2015

Glam Polish Halloween 2015 Trio Collection Swatches & Review

Good day to you fine friends! I have an excellent new Halloween collection to show you today from Glam Polish! They put out a limited edition trio of holographic glitters for the Halloween season and I could not resist buying them!

Fall'n For You! has a silver holographic glitter base with holographic silver microglitter and glitters in orange, gold, copper and rose-gold. Insane! Epic! So perfect for autumn! It was really easy to apply, like all Glam Polishes, and was opaque in two coats. I am speechless, this is a stare-at-your-nails-all-day kinda polish!
Glam Polish Fall'n For You!

Which Witch? is the same type of polish as Fall'n but with holographic glitters in shades of purple, some blues and a touch of pink in a silver holo base. Another mind-blowing shade with a really great formula! Two coats here too.
Glam Polish Which Witch?

Frankenslime 2015 is the new version of the Glam Polish Frankenslime shade that they have re-created and slightly tweaked a few times over the years. You may remember me swatching the 2014 version for you here. This has a cool, bright, blue-toned green crelly base with holographic microshimmer, violet, teal green, neon green and holographic glitter. This went on effortlessly and covered completely in two coats.
Glam Polish Frankenslime 2015

Here is a comparison between Frankenslime 2014 and the new one. 2015 is on my pointer and ring fingers, and 2014 is on my middle and pinky nails. 2014 doesn't seem to have as much glitter as 2015, is missing the teal green holographic glitter hexes, and is maybe a shade deeper. I wasn't sold on getting the 2015 version of this at first, but I am so glad that I did because they're obviously completely different ;)
Glam Polish Frankenslime 2014 vs. 2015

These all dry with a slight texture due to the densely packed glitter so use a top coat for a smooth finish. I purchased the trio from the Glam Polish website for $33. You can also buy them individually at $11. I'm seriously blown away by these, they might be some of my favorite Glams ever, and you know I have an obsession with this brand! Which would you pick? Or are you like me and need all three??

❤ Kellie
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